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77mm Black Diffusion Filter 1/4 Black-Mist Soft Glow Diffuser Lens Filters

5 53 Review(s) KF01.1483
£43.99 £109.99 Inclusive of VAT
&FREE Shipping to United Kingdom,Ireland
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Best gift ideas for photographers 2022.Free Shipping. 30 Day No Reason Return.Waterproof and scratch-resistant Green coated
  • KF01.1483
  • SKU: KF01.1483
  • 43.99
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  • * 77mm 1/4 Black Diffusion Filter can soften the wrinkles, spots, pores, etc. of the human skin, and better realize the delicate, plump, beautiful and hazy movie effect.
  • * Double-sided multilayer antireflection coating: which can effectively reduce the reflection of the filter surface and avoid problems such as ghosting. The 1/4 black mist filter with standard transmittance of 84%.
  • * HD optical glass: After optical polishing, a high-tech film is plated on the surface, making it Moldproof, Waterproof, Scratch-proof and Greasy-proof, while having no impact on the image quality .
  • * Slim 3.3mm aviation-grade aluminum, KF black soft filter effectively avoid vignetting on wide angle lens .
  • * The soft light filter has a softening film-like effect on highlights and a vital role in improving the details of the dark parts. It reduce the contrast, diffuses light and softens textures as well as the skin.

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Photos are not creative and enjoyable, and they cannot give photographers better creative works.
With Black  Diffusion Filter
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Lowest Angle Shooting
Use on portraits
Soften the wrinkles, spots, pores, etc. of human skin to better achieve the hazy movie effect.
Standard Transmittance
Standard Transmittance
Transmittance 1/8 is 87%,1/4 is 84%,1/2 is 79%,1/1 is 74%. Will not have any impact on image quality, ensuring ultra-high-definition image quality.
Frame thickness:  0.13in / 3.3mm
Frame thickness: 0.13in / 3.3mm
The slim frame design ensures that consumers and the wide-angle end and telephoto end will not have vignetting.
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K&F Concept Black Soft Light Filter Witness Your Most Beautiful Moment——Photos from User Sharing.
Rating 53 reviews. 11 reviews. 40 reviews. 25 reviews. 31 reviews. 232 reviews.
Price £43.99 £86.99 £40.27 £13.39 £47.99 £40.19 £39.99 £17.09
Model KF01.1483 KF01.1145 SKU0014 KF01.977 KF01.1477 SKU0629
77mm 100*100mm 77mm 52mm
84% 0.125 0.001 84%
Filter Material
Optisch glas Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass
Filter Thickness
0.13in/3.3mm 2.0mm 3.3mm 0.13in/3.3mm
Circulaire Square Circle
Ring Material
Luchtvaart aluminium legering Optical glass Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy
Reviews (53)
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Great Filter
I’ll be honest up front, I ordered this mistaking it for an ND filter, I’ve decided to keep this though as I really like the effect it produces.I’ve been getting into landscape photography and wanted an Nd filter but ordered this by mistake, after having a play and wanting to eventually push into portrait I decided to give it a try.The results are surprising good, it adds a nice glow to bright light sources that give the images some warmth.The filter is presented in a lovely case with rubber wedges inside that hold the filter in place so it doesn’t slip around.I can see me using this for product photography and portraits and so far have really enjoyed itPros- nice glow- gives images a warmer feel- excellent storage caseCons- none ( although keep in mind you may need to adjust exposure times slightly due to very minimal tint )
Great Filter Great Filter Great Filter Great Filter
A Unique filter for video
I really like the soft light that it produce in videos. It's especially noticeable in "color lights". Made everything more dreamy and cinematic, especially at night.
A Unique filter for video A Unique filter for video A Unique filter for video
Worth it for sure.
So far so good. It adds the right amount of haze for portraits to make it's stylistic. It doesn't add too much in my opinion, and the picture is still pretty sharp.

I included a test shot below, which I took of a friend of mine in direct sunlight with a star filter and a ND filter as well (with this filter below)
Worth it for sure.
Supplier sent wrong filter size
Product sent by supplier was wrong, ordered a 77mm and I received a 82mm, I've had to purchase an additional Step Down ring to convert it as I can't return as it'll take too much time. Other than that, I've played around with the filter already and it's a lot of fun and I'm excited to use it in upcoming projects.
Supplier sent wrong filter size
Goed product
Gekocht voor lange sluitertijd werkt tot nu toe goed

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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1. The other end is threaded, and filters can be superimposed by purchasing filters of the same caliber (for example: 58 black soft filter, superimposing 58 ND filter on the back) 
This filter will fit any lens with a 49mm filter thread 
No. it is other way. Least strong is 1/8 then 1/4 and then 1/2. 
Hi this filter both side with threading can screw on more filters on top of it. 
Hi, please refer to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpPPwc9H0q0 which briefly showcases the difference between the three series. 
Black Diffusion Filter 1/4
size 77mm
Transmittance 84%
Filter Material Optisch glas
Filter Thickness 0.13in/3.3mm
Shape Circulaire
Ring Material Luchtvaart aluminium legering