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  Webcam Full HD 1080P, for Mac Laptop Desktop Computer, Conference, Video Calling, Recording and Streaming
38 % OFF
  • - [Full HD 1080P network camera] HD1080P high-definition video call, 30 frames per second process video. High-definition image sensor and automatic light correction function make your video clearer and brighter than ordinary 720P network cameras.
  • - [High-fidelity speakers, support for external sound release] Four omnidirectional noise reduction microphones, built-in high-power speakers, clear sound quality and no noise, with social software to adjust the volume
50 Review(s)
£70.58 £43.65
FHD1080P 2 miljoen netwerk HD-camera, ondersteuning: win2000xp/7/8/9/10/Vista, OS, enz.
69 % OFF
  • - 【Helder beeld】: Full HD 1080P Conferentiecamera verbeterde beeldsensor om een ​​1080P High Definition-beeld en video te leveren, met een kristalheldere beeldkwaliteit voor videogesprekken, conferenties, online lessen, gaming, enz.
  • - 【Professionele 3 in 1】: ingebouwde luidspreker, ingebouwde microfoonarray, spraakopnamebereik tot 3 meter, akoestische echo- en ruisonderdrukking. De microfoon werkt echt goed voor een kleine huddle room.
1 Review(s)
£94.72 £29.27
  • - 【Privacy Security】This hidden camera detector can quickly and accurately detect eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, wired and wireless hidden cameras, GPS locators, etc. The camera detector can effectively prevent your privacy from leaking;
  • - 【Signal Detection】Can detect radio waves, 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signals, SIM card errors, magnetic field signals. It can accurately detect a variety of eavesdropping radio frequencies from 1MHz to 6.5GHz, helping you protect environmental privacy
£39.06 £32.55
Hidden Camera Detector, Spy Camera Finder, Pocket Camera Finder with Mini LED Flashlight, Personal Emergency Security Sound Alarm Black
50 % OFF
  • - Infrared scanning, easy and accurate: through the scanning window, no matter whether the hidden camera is open or closed, you can quickly find the wired and wireless pinhole camera, preventing privacy leakage, camera tracking, etc.;
  • - Sound and light synchronization: After turning on the alarm function, when you are at home or traveling, just hang it on the door, if someone opens the door or window, it will sound a loud alarm to protect your privacy and safety ;
£18.64 £29.99 £14.99
Hidden Camera Detector, Counter Spy Detector, Infrared Scanning Detector with Compass and 8 LEDs, Hotel or Home Camcorder Detector Black
47 % OFF
  • - 【Infrared scanning, easy and accurate】By scanning the window, no matter whether the hidden camera is open or closed, you can quickly find the wired and wireless pinhole camera to prevent privacy leakage, camera tracking, etc.;
  • - 【Easy to use】Just turn on the spy detector, then turn on the "CAM" button, you can look around through the viewfinder and find any hidden camera, you can also use the compass to find the hidden camera accurately;
£17.75 £29.99 £15.99