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82mm magnetic filter MCUV+CPL+ND1000, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-reflection green film, with magnetic attachment ring and case bag

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£106.55 £139.99 23% OFF Inclusive of VAT
&FREE Shipping to UK
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept 82mm magnetic filter mcuv+cpl+nd1000, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-reflection green film, with magnetic attachment ring and case bag online, £106.55 free shipping to UK.
  • SKU.1627
  • SKU: SKU.1627
  • 106.55
  • • 【Magnetic Quick Swap System】Changing filters is now an easy one-handed operation with no more screwing! Using the Magnetic UV or empty adaper ring as the base, then you can add CPL and ND1000 Neutral Density Filters in 1 second.
  • • 【Germany HD Optical Glass】16 layers double-side coating with almost zero light distortion. Also effectively reduce filter surface reflection and ghosting while making the filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil and dust resistant.
  • • 【Ultra Slim Filter Frame and Lightweight】Slim aluminum frame, maximum reduce impact on light and effectively avoid vignetting for wide-angle shooting.
  • • 【Filter Functions】Lens Filter FunctionUV filters: Absorb ultraviolet rays and provide protection to your lens. CPL: Featured with top level of filter function, effectively eliminate reflective light. Neutral Density filters: Used to reduce the quantity of light that reaches the sensor of the camera.
  • • 【What you will get】MCUV+CPL+10 stop ND+Magnetic Filter Adapter Ring+Waterproof Filter Pouch
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Reviews (2)
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I really like the convenience of this magnetic filter system. You only need to thread on the base ring and magnets do the rest. Makes it less likely to damage the threads of your lens if you don't have to keep putting on and removing a filter on every time you need to use it. I am using this with a 24-105mm full-frame lens and the base ring works with the lens cap and the hood although you probably need to remove the hood to snap on the filter because otherwise your fingers get in the way.
Each of the filters themselves are quite a bit heavier than the screw on K&F versions, probably because they need to make the filter ring out of a magnetic steel instead of aluminum. Whatever the reason, they feel a lot more premium than the regular K&F version.
In terms of performance, its a bit of a mixed bag. I don't have tremendous experience using CPL and ND filters (this is my first set) so I don't know what's considered good performance at a given price range. Lets start with the ND: It seems to be close to if not a full 10-stops which is great; the previous K&F screw-on 10-stop ND which I returned clocked in at only around 8-stops in practice. The ND does have a noticeable color cast (see: photos of the sea right out of camera). Bringing the raw files into Lightroom, the ND image had 26 more points of magenta tint and was 1000K warmer than the no-filter image. This cast was reasonably easy to correct although the colors weren't exactly the same. Less correctible was the vignette at 24mm which needs to be cropped out. At least on my lens, a quick crop test indicated at I was loosing about 1 mm of focal length to the vignette. Note that since the filter is magnetic, there is a small amount of float between the filter and the lens so the vignette may not always be symmetric or consistent from one use to the next.
Moving on, the CPL filter (photos looking out the window) has similar vignette to the ND filter at 24mm but appears to cut down quite a bit of reflections in my windows. Not much for me to point our here, it seems to do the job.
The set does come with a UV filter but I do not intend to use it unless I am in a rainy/dusty environment where my lens needs a bit more protection so I haven't tested it out yet.
For both the ND and the CPL filter, I did not detect any noticeable decrease in sharpness caused by using the filters. However due to the color cast with the ND filter, I suggest either shooting in RAW or setting your white balance before putting the filter on.
For the price ($110) I think the performance of these filters is acceptable. I am a little disappointed with the vignette but I have heard of much more expensive filters having similar issues so I don't want to be too hard on this set. All in all, for someone like me who does this for fun, I think its a great system to learn the basics until I can justify the move to something more premium. If you're a professional and make money off your photos, then maybe look at something more upmarket like Freewell or invest the time creating a preset to fix the color cast.
All 3 filters for me are very useful. The stand-alone ring however, I'm wasn't sure how much I'll actually use it but surprisingly I just leave it on my lens unless it's pretty bad weather, which in turn I use the UV filter as a protective layer for the glass. Personally, I haven't found the UV filter to do much other than to protect my lens and because the glass of my lens is such high quality I don't leave it on as it could degrade the photos, that's why I use the stand-alone ring. I haven't noticed any degrading when using the UV filter so no complaints. As mentioned earlier, however, I only use it to protect my lens. The CPL filter works wonders and the ND filter is great for long exposer shots. the combination with the magnetic touch make this absolutely flawless. would recommend.
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Now switch your filters in the seconds with K&F Concept Magnetic Quick-Swap Kit. As a photographer, you know all about the waiting game: those times when utmost patience is required to capture that once-in-a-lifetime image. Every second is important to you ,meanwhile, your heart is racing because you know you have just milliseconds to win your race against time or tide. K&F Concept has announced a magnetic camera filter kit to reduce the time it takes to swap out lens filters literally in seconds, never missing any wonderful moment. 
Hi, the K&F Concept magnetic filter set can compatible with Kase , but also you can try it on Freewell system, thanks 
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