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Astronomy Telescope for Kids Adults Beginners, 70mm Refractor Telescopes with Mobile Phone Holder & Adjustable Tripod

5 6 Review(s) KF33.037
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£73.44 £88.13 16% OFF Inclusive of VAT
&FREE Shipping to United Kingdom,Ireland
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept astronomy telescope for kids adults beginners, 70mm refractor telescopes with mobile phone holder & adjustable tripod online, £73.44 free shipping to UK.
  • KF33.037
  • SKU: KF33.037
  • 73.44
  • • 300 mm focal length and 70 mm aperture can collect more light, full multilayer coating, improve light transmittance, clearer and brighter vision, high-definition optical glass lens (non-resin lens), protect children's eyes;
  • • Equipped with a 1.5x orthoscopic mirror, the scene seen after installation is consistent with the actual scene, and it will not be upside down from left to right. You can watch the celestial body or the scenery, which is more convenient and practical;
  • • Upgrade a variety of accessories to bring a better experience: add a moon mirror, use for observing the moon, filter part of the light so that the picture will not be overexposed, 1.5X erect mirror and 3X Barlow mirror increase the magnification of the stargazing telescope, making it easier Focusing on the moon and stars, the 5X24 star finder with mounting bracket can easily help you find the observation target, and the mobile phone bracket makes the stargazing telescope easier to observe, take
  • • The aluminum alloy tripod is stable and durable, and provides a stable support for the observation of the landscape and the sky. It can be adjusted freely from multiple angles, and the all-round observation allows you to better observe the sky and the earth;
  • • Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to carry, very suitable for camping. Can be used as a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving gift for children, adults and amateur astronomers to explore the sky and scenery;

Reviews (6)
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Great gift for my 2 5year old son.
It's his first telescope and he loves it.
Excellent telescope, poor tripod.
The telescope itself is great. We’ve been out most nights looking at Jupiter and Saturn and constellations.
The only negative thing I’d say is the tripod is very flimsy. It broke on our second use and we had to fix it. It’s very poor quality.
Perfect gift
Well packaged for easy gift wrapping. My son has a fascination with the moon and stars. I thought this telescope would be average given the decent price but even i was surprised at just how good the view of the moon was. I used the lens on my phone camera and took a screen shot..one very happy son at Xmas
Not bad for the money.
The price is good but maybe I expected more.As for viewing planets,I think you need more power and to spend more to get better.I live close to the airport so it's ok for that.
Easy to assemble
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Yes, the width of the equipped mobile phone adapter can be adjusted to fit any type of mobile phone. 
Equipped with eyepieces: H6mm, H20mm The multiples are: 300/6 = 50 times, 300/20 = 15 times. If you choose a 3 times Ballov lens, the magnification is 50X3 = 150 times, 15X3 = 45 times; plus a 1.5 times orthographic lens, the imaging is a positive image, and the magnifications are: 50X1.5 = 75 times, 15X1. 5 = 22.5 times. Namely: minimum magnification: 15 times, maximum magnification: 150 times. 
Of course, the multiple is not the only one, it mainly depends on the comprehensive factors such as aperture and focal length. For example, if the windows of a house are large, the light will be natural and the view will be clear, the same reasoning. 
This telescope is suitable for children over 6 years old, astronomy beginners and adults.