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Dear customer,Please offer us a video or several pics so that our Product Develop Team can dig deep and offer you a precise resolution accordingly. Please rest assured,K&F Concept comes with 12-month warranty.We will back our transaction all the time.

Please ensure that your card details and personal information have been entered correctly.
Below are some of the most common reasons for why your credit card was declined:

- You did not honor your credit card issuing bank;
- The funds in your card are not sufficient to complete your purchase;
- The card has expired or the new card has not been activated yet;
- System section time-out;
- Your card has been stolen or is lost;

Can’t see the credit card option?
Payments with a credit card are only activated for specific countries our intermediaries operate in. If you can not use a credit card, you can still select other payment methods, like PayPal.

We do not have access to your credit card information, and thus we suggest you complete the transaction with another credit card or payment method if the problem persists or CONTACT US for help.