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Really good for the price
Good stuff Good stuff
I have wanted to do some daytime long exposure stuff for ages and I've tried K&F stuff before and found them really good value for money. This is no exception.

I have only tried it out in my backyard so far but I am really impressed at the results and just now long I have to leave the shutter open on an overcast day.

A little detail that also impressed me was the little ridges on the side of the filter that made detaching it from the lens a breeze.

Another great product that is absolutely worth the money.
Dark as night Dark as night Dark as night Dark as night
Don't see why I should spend over £100 for a 10 stopper of any of the big brands when this one does the job just fine! No unwanted tints or reduction in image quality that I can see (image attached is taken with this filter and any tints or hues are added in post production). Highly recommend!
Brilliant 10 stopper
Like others, I am wary of cheap filters, especially specialist ones, but this big stopper alternative delivers very well. Used first time yesterday in less than ideal conditions, dull overcast and calm, so not a lot of movement to blur out. But very happy with the image quality, images remained sharp where no movement. Very happy with it.
Excellent value, minimal colour cast. Sharp images
This filter enables me to get dark picture effects when the sun is shining. Often times, stopping down does not produce the desired effect and the shutter speed is simply too short despite all efforts. With this filter it is possible to take long exposures with a reasonable aperture in bright light conditions. I am very satisfied with this filter and have no complaints whatsoever. At dusk the filter darkens too much and I would use a less intensive ND filter. This filter is my recommendation for hobby photographers! ... no idea whether a professional needs something else !?
Recordings during the day as if it were night! Recordings during the day as if it were night! Recordings during the day as if it were night! Recordings during the day as if it were night! Recordings during the day as if it were night!
I previously had a variable nd filter but could only get about 2 or 3 seconds of exposure time in normal daylight.
This one is much better, I am able to get up to 2 minute long exposures now, which I wanted to try and capture cloud movement.
The picture I attached was my 1st effort with this filter, a 25 second exposure in daylight. It even wiped out the people walking about in front of the arch!
Very happy with my purchase
Just what I needed
I always wanted to get into long exposure photography and new I had to get an ND filter to do it properly. This lens had hundreds of reviews already so I figured it was worth a shot.

BUILD- The quality of this lens is great. It is metal, and is much heavier than I thought it would be. I don't know if all ND filters are as heavy as this.

FILTER- It's rated as 10 stops. I don't know how to confirm if its exactly 10, but it does cut out a ton of light. It does it effectively. I didn't experience any vignetting, but I wouldn't consider any of the lenses I've used as "ultra wide angle" either.

PHOTOS- Color is great, the photo I have shared speaks for itself. I'm about to go to Utah and will take additional samples.
The filter is really good, it seems to be a real 10 stop filter (some ND1000 are only 8-9 stops, which makes shutterspeed calculations hard), it is reducing light in both Visible and Infrared light (has been tested on a full spectrum camera used for Infrared Photography), so you will not have a nasty discolouration in the sky as with other ND filters, but you will get a slight blue colour cast, nothing that can not be fixed in post process with the white balance tool, but I highly recommend doing a white balance setting with the filter on to get accurate colours, especially if you are shooting in JPG. I did not see any reduction in detail (see the 100% or 1:1 crop). It easily screwed on my lens and step up rings as well. It has a nice grippy area which I find giving a much better grip than other filters. One thing I'd like to mention is the case it's coming with has a nice locking mechanism and also two carve outs to be able to easily remove the filter from it's case, actually it's one of the best cases I've seen, beating the nice metallic cases from Gobe, which does not close well with larger filters.
If colour cast is a critical issue for you then this filter might disappoint you with it's blue cast, in that case I recommend Haida's NanoPRO ND1000, which I unfortantely lost, but that has virtually no colour cast at all, but nearly triple the price.

For the price the K&F Concept ND1000 is unbeatable. It has just a very very slight blue colour cast, great IR filtering, true 10 stops and no reduction in picture quality. If you are on a budget and looking for an ND1000, look no further.
Slight blue colour cast, but the best ND1000 in this price range Slight blue colour cast, but the best ND1000 in this price range Slight blue colour cast, but the best ND1000 in this price range Slight blue colour cast, but the best ND1000 in this price range
A decent ND1000 82mm filter provided with an excellent carry case.
I found this filter excellent when properly screwed on to my lens, vignetting was visable when not properly fitted. It is quite shallow which also helps here.
Shots displayed are taken with Nikon Z6 & 14-30mm S line lens I had to stop down to F10 for 20secs & F13 20secs both shots ISO 50 to avoid blowing out the sun, shadows recovered in post processing.
The filter was very easily wiped clean after being splashed by a wave, I think the coating definitely helped here.

I am quite pleased with the product its defintely much better than my old 72mm
Excellent for long exposure work Excellent for long exposure work
Works perfectly. I haven't noticed any colour casting, nor does it appear to have any effect on the sharpness of the image. Perfect for long exposures to get that smooth, glass-like water effect. At this price, you really can't go wrong!