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As a photographer, I am always looking for ways to save weight, and then save money. As a long-time Lee Filters user, I was skeptical about switching to half the price of a product and always heard bad things about circular variable NDs. Man I was shocked at how good this product is. Really happy and will buy more.
Switches my equipment to this! Switches my equipment to this!
I've used K&F filters in the past and have been happy with them, and this one is no exception. If you're not familiar with the whys and hows of using ND filters, there are a number of good articles on the web. The filter is glass, not plastic. I'm not a pixel peeper, but to my eye, this filter produces no distortion or vignetting. It does enable the use of longer exposure times. I am happy with this purchase.
The manufacturer advertises that there is no X-pattern here. In other words, an X-shaped distortion that occurs in the image when you set certain ND values.

These X patterns are also available here, and they cannot be visually ruled out. A variable ND filter consists in principle of two polarization filters, which are moved against each other and which thus achieve variable shading.

As a result, these X patterns are inevitable.

But I can live with that, as they only occur in certain settings and can be largely eliminated by turning them forward or backwards.

The advantage of this filter is clearly its variability, because all you have to do is take one filter with you for many shades. Professionals will turn up their noses, but as an amateur, with small photo equipment, I am delighted with this product.

The filter is very well made, fits very well on the lens so that it holds firmly but you can also easily remove it again.

The rotation of the front to adjust the ND value is simple but sufficiently firm so that the set value is not inadvertently adjusted.

The glass (s) are apparently without defects or inclusions.

The price is reasonable for the performance.

I can give it four good stars.
As a beginner photography enthusiast, I really liked this variable ND filter, it allows me to use lower speeds during the day and I haven't noticed that it interferes negatively with my photos. The rotation of the crown is very smooth but it's not going to move on its own, you have to apply some force to it. The materials feel good quality and it comes with a circular box to store it when we don't use it. I think that for its price it offers quite a lot of quality.
The filter comes in a really stylish packaging with a magnetic lock and has a small plastic box for transport. The filter can easily be turned on and off the lens. The gray filter has different settings, at min it takes about half an f-stop down in brightness, estimated at maximum setting 3- 4 full f-stops. The best way to see the effect in backlight or strong contrasts in the subject, I look forward to testing the filter in the midday sun in the summer.
Great workmanship, great tool against hard light Great workmanship, great tool against hard light
My mind must have been playing tricks on me when this was ordered. Once I received the package and placed onto my 70-200, i realized how dark this beast can go. I honestly had no idea they made variable filters this dark but it is perfect for long exposures in broad daylight.
The materials are solid and feel very good in your hands. I have recently come to enjoy using K&F products. They last and I have yet to encounter any issues. This variable filter is very easy to use. Simple screw it on the end of your lens and then rotate the bezel to your desired darkness. It feels like a game changer for landscape photography.
This is a variable ND (Neutral Density) filter compatible with lenses that have a thread diameter of 67 mm, but other sizes (49 to 82 mm) are also available to fit different lenses.
The sales package includes the filter itself, a plastic case to protect it, and a cleaning cloth.

I used this filter in combination with my Nikkor DX 18-105mm lens (mounted on the D3200 camera). The installation takes place through a threaded connection, so it can be screwed directly onto the lens. To adjust the intensity of light absorption, you have to turn the filter from left to right, on the back of the filter there are reference points that help.
The only flaw: if it is screwed too tight, it is difficult to remove.

I liked the good quality of the filter and I recommend it if you are looking for an ND filter with intensity variations that are easy to install and use.
Variable ND filter Variable ND filter Variable ND filter Variable ND filter Variable ND filter
I use this filter with a 56mm f1.4 lens for portrait photography, shoots, etc. And it works perfectly, it does not lose quality in the images. So I can take photos even if there is a lot of lighting without going over 1/250s
Excellent quality
At stop 512 with 24mm lens, i have black corner...when a looking the blue sky. But for the price i recommend this ;)
K&F does really nice things, and this ND filter is further proof of that. We are talking precisely about a variable nd filter, with 5-9 stops of dynamic range, which works really great. In a self-respecting filter, as far as I'm concerned, there are 2/3 important things: ease of assembly, glass quality and performance.
As for the ease of assembly, I thought it was magnetic, but the threaded connection always remains; which also makes sense for a product in this price range.
Excellent glass quality and consequently the photo rendering is also really good!

In short, a really well done product!

Thanks for your attention