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This makes a very nice clean bloom effect that makes any image look a little warmer and cozier. I included 2 shots with the filter, and one without to compare. There is a slight green flare to the left of the flamingo caused by this filter. It's fairly subtle, but you'll notice it if you're looking for it. It's more noticeable on video with movement, as it also moves around. As I got this primarily for video, that makes it less usable for me.

It screws on cleanly, and I really like the included magnetic dust cover. It's very easy to cap up and remove, and it looks good on the end of a lens.

Overall a great effect filter.
Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
So I think a lot of folks involved in video product are very familiar with the Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters. This is K&F's version of that filter. I will go into what I think about the filter but you can also judge for yourself in one of the pictures in this review where I show you the same image; the first without the filter then with the filter.

One of the results you get with a filter of this type is blooming of the highlights. This filter does quite a good job of that. Comparing the bloom to the Tiffen line I would say it falls between Tiffen's 1/2 and 1/4 strength with it being closer to the 1/4. The highlight fall of was strong but natural in my opinion. Keep in mind the light in the image fills the frame so you are seeing this particular effect of this filter at it's most extreme. You won't see that much blooming in a more natural setting. Take a look at the highlights on the camera. To me the K&F filter had a great effect on the highlight roll off which was very smooth.

The other effect you get with a black mist filter is the slightly reduced contrast and the slight softening of the shadows. To me I thought this filter did this quite well. If you look at the texture on the handle of the camera in the image you can see how it's just sort of softened that texture. Imagine shooting a person and you can imagine how much you would be able to smooth out the skin.

It also comes in a nice little screw together plastic case. Inside the case are these little rubber stopper than prevent the filter from sliding around in the case. I love the attention to detail here.

So compared to the Tiffen version of this lens at the size I got which was 82mm the K&F Black Mist is about $40 cheaper. I think you are getting a lot of value for your money here. I can't wait to try out this filter on some upcoming shoots.

I think K&F is making a move into higher end filters and if this filter is an example of the kind of quality they can produce, I can't wait to see what filter they release next.
I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter!
This Filter is meant to bloom your highlights and take off the digital look and add a cinematic quality to your footage and it does just that. The magnetic design is a great idea if you had all magnet filters which would make it super easy to swap filters. But if your other filters are ring supported I would not purchase for that option. I am able to mount the camera upside down with no words of the magnets failing me because it is very strong.
I have kept this filter on my camera since I got it months ago so that goes to show you how well this is made and enhances my video production. You can stack this filter but only stack with this filter being last to reduce the chances of making the front element heavier where it magnetizes. I have not compared this to bigger brands but base off of the lower price and quality this provides it’s a no-brainer.
I would definitely recommend to beginner's and enthusiast look to get a "cinematic" quality out of their photos and videos.
Great quality for a cinematic looks Great quality for a cinematic looks
The black piece you see in the photo is a lens cap. The transparent piece, that is under that, serves as a filter of sorts. The cap under that is more of a free pass through attachment designed to stick to either the filter or the lens cap depending on what your goal is.

Basically it's all magnets, so it was really easy to set this up. I just screwed in the base, then the filter snapped on no problem, then the lens cap too snapped on without any issue.

The quality of this set is great. The look of it is awesome too. I shook my camera a bit and the cap did not fall off. Seems to be a great alternative to the locking mechanism that comes with normal caps.

Overall, I'm really happy with this set.
I've used this filter a couple of times for my creative photography and videography in a couple of instances and i can tell you K&F Concept nailed it again.

I can't post images of content i was paid for due to contractual reasons, but this is definitely a professional grade filter.

I noticed no image resolution degradation, no white balance issues, no vignetting or distortion when the filter was on.

It arrived on a rather large protecting case that i discarded right away and it was unwieldy, hard and larger than it needed to be, but i own a K&F filter pouch (shown on pictures, not included with the filter) that i use.

Despite not liking the carrying case, this is a GREAT Black Mist filter, it feels premium on your hands, mounting was smooth, it feels sturdy and while i did NOT test scratch resistance i trust K&F Concept products.

Great value for a premium filter, i would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for one.
Soft Mist Filter that have presence, but doesn't overpower the subject. Soft Mist Filter that have presence, but doesn't overpower the subject. Soft Mist Filter that have presence, but doesn't overpower the subject. Soft Mist Filter that have presence, but doesn't overpower the subject. Soft Mist Filter that have presence, but doesn't overpower the subject. Soft Mist Filter that have presence, but doesn't overpower the subject.
Looking for a Pro-Mist Black Filter? This one may be an option. We purchased the 82mm for testing and will report back when completed, but for now the highlight roll-off is amazing and wraps the light in an amazing way! Would love to see a 1/8, 1/2, and 1 option in the future too
Testing but IMPRESSED
Used it on a Nikon D3400 with the 18-55mm, gives great results! Since I was currious to see the result before I buy it, I thought some people would like to see a comparaison of a picture with the filture and an other without the filter...
Good results... Good results...
High quality, great price, and does what it’s meant to do. This is my first K&F filter and I will keep an eye out for their other products in lieu of more expensive brands in the future.
Outstanding black mist filter Outstanding black mist filter
Please note that a 1/4 diffusion filter is a fairly strong diffuser, so make sure that you want that level of softening for your shots.

If so, this is a great option at this price point. The build quality feels solid, and I did not see any flaws in the optics. The magnetic attachment between the ring (which screws in as normal), the filter, and the lens cap works surprisingly well. I wish this were universal, although if your camera takes a lot of abuse I would still go with the traditional screw-in filters. A good smack will dislodge everything.
Includes: case, and filter.
Tested with my nikon kit lens. (see my sample photos)
Each Top photo was taken on a tripod with a 10 second timer.
Each Bottom photo, the black mist pro filter was added.
This really does work as the name suggests!
Side by side you can see the colors and focus in the original without filter.
Then after applying the filter to the front of the lens,
you get a black mist. This calms down the color saturation and the sharpness.
Just a small amount.

The case.
Top twists off from the bottom and is made of a smoked plastic. The edges have a nice groove set.
Makes opening and closing easy. Branding on top.
The bottom is made of the same plastic and has the same grooves on the side.
The highlight is the 2 gray silicone pads that are glued down inside.
(These grooves will hold you filter) You could also use with smaller and larger filters.
That's a plus.

The filter.
Is slim line and made of aluminum.
Sides have really nice grooves, makes using the filter very smooth.
Great glass. Actually scratch resistant.
Took out my keys and hey no scratches. Thumbs up.
Filter weighs only .5 ounces. Both the case and filter weight 2.7 ounces.

Overall very pleased with the filter.
Great quality.
I picked up the 52mm version.
Used 2 of my kit lens and no issues. Very smooth to install and remove from lens.
Easy to clean. Should last a very long time.

I prefer to shoot with filters verse going into software and spending extra time to get a similar effect.
Hope this was helpful.
Make photos softer and less vibrant. Make photos softer and less vibrant. Make photos softer and less vibrant. Make photos softer and less vibrant. Make photos softer and less vibrant. Make photos softer and less vibrant. Make photos softer and less vibrant.