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I purchased the Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope, to replace a Meade Polaris 90 mm that after 12 years I gave away because I was tired of seeing it in my living room. The Gskyer 70mm took care of that problem. It is so easy to put together, enjoy, and then put away in its included bag, that I have been using it almost daily. With my old telescope you could not do that, once it was put together, it was put together for good. The Gskyer is perfect to watch the moon, Jupiter with some of its moons, and even Saturn's rings. We have been able to watch a couple of star clusters as well. The Gskyer is also good for land objects. You can see the grass blades from the other side of the pond, as well as, birds in the bird feeder through the window with open shades and bug screen in place. For a kid's very well priced telescope we have been enjoying it a lot.
I absolutely love this telescope. Once I figured out how to adjust the aiming scope, it made finding things in the sky so much easier. There is a great video on how to aim your spotting scope. Find the Moon was a breeze. Trying to get Jupiter has been a little bit harder. The included phone attachment is an awesome idea! You have to align the lens and camera lens together, but that is way enough if you use a street lamp. Just move the telescope lens to a street lamp and then adjust the phone until you can see the circle of light. Anyways, aim the spotter scope and find stuff until your heart is content.
Great beginner telescope for my son and daughter!! They are obsessed with the solar system as of late, but we also use it to watch birds and deer in our backyard.Being able to also hook it up to a phone really helps my younger one see vs trying to get her to close one eye and peep into the telescope end. Overall, pretty impressed with the purchase and how sturdy it is for the price. Even comes with a great carry case to pack it all nicely away when not in use! Would totally recommend it for anyone with little kids interested in getting into telescopes!
Great beginner telescope for the Price!! Great beginner telescope for the Price!!
The idea of getting a telescope has always crossed my mind, but I just didn’t know if it was going to be worth it and/or if I would even know how to use it, since I haven’t touched a telescope probably since high school (and I really know nothing about astronomy or telescopes.) But we have a gorgeous view of the sky from our balcony, especially at night with all the stars! So I decided to go ahead and give this guy a shot. Especially it being quarantine and all, being stuck inside, it was really was the perfect time. When it arrived, I read and followed through the instructions, I also watched a few YouTube videos to understand how to work everything and figure out what all the parts ate for. I did a little research, played around with it during the day, practiced with zooming and focusing on the trees and things. And then BAM! Tonight there was a strawberry moon, I got so excited that when I grabbed the telescope to set it up, I almost sent it flying down three stories off my balcony..
Easy and fun! Pictures do no justice! Easy and fun! Pictures do no justice! Easy and fun! Pictures do no justice! Easy and fun! Pictures do no justice!
This is a really great telescope for the price. Pictures and video we're taken using this telescope and a pixel 2xl phone. It was easy to assemble and learning to use it takes a little bit of practice but well worth the time. The crystal clear optics are very impressive. The picture of jupiter and her moons was impressive for a beginner telescope.
Great price! Great telescope! Great price! Great telescope! Great price! Great telescope!
Awesome my brother wanted a lightweight telescope. And he said it is so easy to use. He loves it.