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I’ve hardly taken it off my camera since I tested it. I just loved it. I didn’t notice any color shift but the variable ND has been handy. The magnet is decent in my opinion. It’s the best I’ve seen as they all fall off at some point. This one only fell off when I was storing in my bad and had the lens cover on. It hit the case and fell off. I snapped it back on and and it’s been in place since. I totally forgot that it’s magnetic till it fell off. I believe that’s a good report. I really can’t complain. It’s definitely a good product.
Filter is good, magnet is Ok
Having a lot of camera equipment such as strobe lights, key lights, speedlights, umbrella, lenses, extra batteries, tripods and many other things. Wow I can't believe I use so many things just to get the photos that I want. Adding lens filter on top of all these is just.... what a hassle.

This variable ND filter and magnetic adapter ring kit are one step in the right direction. It's very easy to put on the magnetic adapter ring kit. Once the ring kit is secured, attaching the variable ND filter is very easy. It's a convenience that this filter god from ND2 - N32, 5 stops.

Hint: Make sure you pick the right filter size. If you have a collection of lenses with varying sizes, pick a higher size. You can buy a separate adapter to downsize.
brilliant ideas
I'm an amateur at photography and decided to try out this lens. I like that you can adjust the lighting and darkening of the lens. I love the magnetic feature.
Pretty neat lens
This filter has 5 stops varies the density as per light intensity required. Overall quality is great and it is a good product to carry for the photoshoots.
I come with a long history of taking photographs with filters for special effects. I have used Cokin systems where you can share one filter with various lenses with adapters. I own over 50 such filters and lately, I am simplifying my camera bag and traveling with only a few filters. My most popular filters are the graduated neutral density (ND) filters. With these, I can rotate the filter to my preference on each shot. BUT that means I have to carry more than a few of the same ND filter but at different stops.

Solution: The K&F Concept Magnetic Variable ND Filter offers me an option to use one filter covering 5 stops within seconds. That is great timesaver as my shots of landscapes or sunsets sometimes requires swift framing and adjusting to rapid light changes.

ND filters are an investment to your camera gear. These will filter out very bright light and allows the photographer longer exposures during daylight. My favorite use of ND filters is to have water movements look silky while capturing the surrounding in detail. This K&F Concept filter is built amazingly well. The glass is better than my Cokins. Since it is built to specific lens size diameters, I had to rationalize which lens I used the most and ordered that size. 58mm in this case.

The case is a worthy vault for this filter. Kudos to the team that designed that feature. The magnetic ring screwed nicely into my existing lens. In fact, it screwed in too tightly, it took me 10 long minutes trying to unscrew it later on.

The magic is with the magnetic technology. Wow! It was instant on and instant off for the actual ND filter. Amazing. With that also comes the fear of dropping the filter. I fear that a bump will dislodge it so I kept my hand on the lens at all time. If you are in stationary setting, you should be fine.

This lens filter is a great tool for many future vacation shoots. Simple to carry and use.

Do note you cannot place a regular lens cap over the ND filter. Bummer.

Overall, I love the new direction that these ND Filters are headed. It is less fuss and more time spent on the actual shooting pictures. Give this a try. I do recommend this variable ND filter. 4.5 stars.
Unique Design and Excellent quality glass and build Unique Design and Excellent quality glass and build
This Magnetic Variable ND Filter is a great option for those who travel, take pictures outdoors and who would like to capture an image at lower settings which cameras are incapable of without ND filters. This particular filter gives you a range of options which simplifies what a photographer has to carry. For those who regularly shoot in conditions which they cannot plan around (such as harsh sunlight), this gives more options within your control. It arrives with a protective case and a magnetic adapter ring so that you can simply remove the filter if you wish to shoot without it. However, the downfall to this is that the ND filter can be bumped off (which did happen to me while setting up a photo and my camera swung forward) and with this adapter on you cannot mount your lens hood on your lens.

On a bright and sunny day, I was able to capture an image at 1/50, f/2.8 ISO 100 at the ND2 setting. I attached a screenshot of the straight-out-of-the-camera RAW files, with the bottom image being no filter. Each setting produced the same image with one exception; the images with the filter on appear to have slightly more contrast to them. This could be due to the fact that I cannot have my lens hood on, causing the filter-less image to be exposed to the harsh sunlight. Or, it could be an effect of the ND filter itself. Either way, I do like the effect and would recommend this filter.
Seamless ND Transition; Easy to Use & Great Quality Pictures Seamless ND Transition; Easy to Use & Great Quality Pictures Seamless ND Transition; Easy to Use & Great Quality Pictures Seamless ND Transition; Easy to Use & Great Quality Pictures Seamless ND Transition; Easy to Use & Great Quality Pictures Seamless ND Transition; Easy to Use & Great Quality Pictures
High quality glass with magnificent ND filter performance throughout the entire ND2-ND32 range. There's no "X" from turning the filter too far since there's hardstops incorporated into the design.

The set includes a magnetic adapter ring which screws onto your lens and serves as the mounting vehicle for the ND filter - just snap it on and off whenever you like. Very convenient.

The filter itself provides a wide range of density, with minimal color shift which is important.

Slim design is great and doesn't result in any vignetting during regular use.

Overall, excellent filter that produces consistent and reliable results.
Convenient magnetic, variable ND filter kit. Convenient magnetic, variable ND filter kit. Convenient magnetic, variable ND filter kit. Convenient magnetic, variable ND filter kit.
K&F is one of the most underrated brands in photography/videography. Because they are value-priced, the You-Tubers out there turn their nose up at this brand while they hawk more expensive brands through their affiliate links, but after owning and using a half dozen K&F filters, I'm a convert. I had purchased a Tilta Mirage matte box, with the intention of using a large-format variable ND filter, but while the matte box looked impressive, I realize that it was more of a hassle than it was worth just to "look cool", so I was looking for a screw-on variable ND and settled on the K&F concept. As advertised, it delivers 5 full stops of exposure control and, most importantly, does so without the dreaded "X" that is a frequent problem with cheaper filters. I did a comparison using the Tilta Mirage variable ND and the K&F filter, and there was no visible difference in qualtiy.

When I ordered this filter, I was unaware of the magnetic mounting system, and I have to say that I am now spoiled forever. With the magnetic ring srewed on, mounting and unmounting the filter takes just a second. I wish more filter manufacturers would use this system.

The price to qualify ratio for this filter is excellent.
I’m learning new photography skills using ND filters. What makes this one nice is it does 1-5 stops. It’s got dots at each stop so I know where to stop. It stops rotating precisely at 1 and at 5 so no mistake can be made.

It’s magnetic. There is a ring that screws into my lens and the filter sticks to that ring magnetically. This allows quick removal of the filter so that reference photos can be taken first, if desired. The filter pops off and on easily and stays securely.

A plastic case is included for protection.

I have nothing negative to say about the set up. It works well and is high quality. I recommend this filter.
This is one of the best additions to our camera since we got it. It is very easy to install and once in it stays put due to the alignment slots on the back side.
Adjusting it is very easy once it snaps in. We like the infinite variability, it allows you to perfectly tweak your settings for each scene.
Great ideea, well implemented, makes ND adjustments a breeze Great ideea, well implemented, makes ND adjustments a breeze