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Overall Rating 5   30
In addition to wildlife photography, the small camera can also be used for surveillance, so the pet or marten in the garage can be optimally monitored. The recordings can be viewed both on the display and on a PC. We recommend buying a small SD card for this. The camera is powered by 4 batteries which are also not included. I bought the camera to monitor our driveway because unfortunately we often receive uninvited visits from martens and cats.
This camera was perfect for initial attempts to check which animals are hanging around in the garden and at the edge of the forest.
It is smaller and super easy to mount on trees or similar with the fixing strap.
The settings can be adjusted perfectly and quite easily in test mode and you can get started after inserting the SD card.
The recordings are very good, both during the day and at night. Only a maximum of 1080p, which is completely sufficient.
Different modes can be selected for recording, there will be something for everyone, from single images to series recordings or time lapse.
I can recommend the mini wildlife camera with a clear conscience
This time I chose this one because it is smaller, I think the smaller the better because my first game camera that I bought was unfortunately stolen from the garden. I use the wildlife cameras to monitor my garden, I have already had break-ins in my garden twice and the damage was over €2500 in total ❇️ is very light ❇️

small and compact
❇️ takes good pictures
❇️ no problems setting up
❇️ holds up to 45℃
❇️ Night vision mode is good
❇️ German operating instructions

It's always interesting what kind of animals walk by, it's fun and the quality of the pictures is very appropriate for the size and price.
The wildlife camera exceeded my expectations and (mostly) delivers usable images and videos even at night. Strong streaks are only visible in follow-up shots in fog.

I actually bought them to catch these visitors in the act, who left clear traces in my garden almost every night. In contrast to the deer, rabbits, foxes and even the neighbor's cats, who are always welcome, I would like to get rid of the wild boars after almost the entire garden has been plowed up.
*Shipping and packaging:
The camera was delivered quickly and well packaged.

*Quality and features:
The camera is very robust and well made. The camouflage color is good, the camera is hardly noticeable when you set it up on a tree or in the bushes.
If you open the lid you can make all the settings as you want. It's not too difficult, the instructions are understandable.
The camera triggers well when there is movement and the images are of good quality.

A good, robust wildlife camera. I can recommend it.
Wow, I'm really surprised, I never thought the night vision was so good. The image quality during the day is also great, and the recordings are triggered by the motion sensor. You don't think about what's going on on remote properties.
An ideal camera for observing a hedgehog house. Easy to adjust, easy to use, and it is also rainproof.
We are super happy
Pictures and menu great. Nothing to improve. When you use it, you first notice how small the device is. Placed in the bird nesting box and marvel at the results.