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I am usually against UV/haze filters as I am concerned about their effect on image quality. However, I plan to use my Sigma 150-600 DG DN Sport (Sony E-Mount) in pretty harsh conditions such as coastal bird photography, surf photography, and sports. So, I caved and purchased this filter to provide protection for the lens front element.
However, given that this K&F filter would probably be considered "mid-tier" in terms of price, I wanted to test if it in fact had any effect on image quality. The attached image of a $20 dollar bill was taken under the same exact circumstances - 600mm at ISO 100, tripod with OS off. As you can see from the screenshot taken in the compare view of my photo editing software, the image on the right (with filter) is clearly sharper with better contrast.
I'm shocked! I had fully expected to remove the filter when I wanted a better image. Now I can leave it on 100% of the time, and easily wipe off any splashes or dust without worrying about scratching the front element. Strong recommend!
Actually improves the Sigma 150-600 E-Mount! Actually improves the Sigma 150-600 E-Mount! Actually improves the Sigma 150-600 E-Mount!
Great filter with nice features at a decent price. Got it for around 23$. About 3mm thick. Screws on fine. Hard case. 1 year warranty if you register your product on the website
Good value, 3mm thin, hard case Good value, 3mm thin, hard case Good value, 3mm thin, hard case Good value, 3mm thin, hard case Good value, 3mm thin, hard case
I always get filters w/ non-slip design when it's available. It makes a huge difference. I compared it w/ Hoya HD2. I shot these w/ Canon M50 w/ Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8 AF ZOOM-NIKKOR.
1) No filter. 2) K&F. 3) Hoya HD2.
Sure, it's not a great test but I can't tell any difference between all 3 of them. The Hoya was optically as good as K&F except it was very staticky that I had to return it. I didn't like it's not non-slip either. The K&F is not staticky at all and very easy to clean. When there's no reflection, it looks like there's no glass inside the ring. Kind of like magic. It's very well made.
I use it on my Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar T* ZM. There's no play and it fits perfectly. Very happy about the purchase.
Fantastic! Love The Non-Slip Design! Fantastic! Love The Non-Slip Design! Fantastic! Love The Non-Slip Design!
The product came in beautiful packaging and with a handy case that can be used to keep several filter sizes. The filter looks nice and without any glare. I took several photos, which look wonderful. I haven’t explored many lighting situations yet, but since my main reason for the filter is to protect the lens, I am satisfied.
Excellent quality at an affordable price Excellent quality at an affordable price
nothing fancy about UV filters, you just don't want them to effect your shots, K&F's does a great job with their glass filters. When you invest 100s of dollars for a lens you want something to protect it without distorting and K&F filter do that.
Allows for sharp image...
Both lenses are Sigma lenses with 2 different brands of UV filters on them. The lens on the left is my 150-500mm with a filter made by another brand. The right is my 150-600mm lens with the K&F filter. The lens on the left looks a little hazy, while the K&F filter does not.

Does not decrease image quality that I can tell. You can feel that it is weather sealed, but I'm not testing it to see if it truly is.

Comes in a plastic case

So far, no complaints.
Fits Sigma 150-600mm perfectly
K&F has made few versions of UV/1A filters and this one falls in the upper price range.
Packaging is superb and the glasss material is very good. I did not see any color degradations so far. Design on the metal rim offers ease of installation/removal unlike others which might require a filter wrench sometime. It might not be the best filter (price wise) but for C$30 it justifies money well spent to protect my glass which is already over half a grand. I trust this company's products and will purchase same again.
I don't know how to describe it, but this UV filter is shockingly clear. It's like it's not even there, but it is, and it looks beautiful too. If you've ever seen the glass that Apple stores use for their stores, it's like that (Apple uses a special glass for all of their stores and their HQ that is remarkably clear). This filter is like that. I haven't had it for long enough to see if it really holds up against scratches, bumps, water, etc., but just from initial feels, it seems like it does what it advertises.
What an excellent 95mm filter for the Sigma 150-600mm Comp. lens and it works 100% !!!!