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Overall Rating 5   117
The system with the CPL filter assembly beats everything I have used so far. Putting on the bracket is also easy to do. The quality of the filters themselves leaves nothing to be desired. This is how filter photography is just fun!
Super filter assembly or filter change
Very easy to use system. The picture quality is really good as far as I can tell. The polarizing filter works very well. Thanks to the adapter, the filter can be used on any lens. Have never regretted the purchase.
Very satisfied Very satisfied
The filter does what it should, it extends the exposure time. A Vignettietierung or wrong color reproduction I could not determine so far. The packaging of the filters is very good and practical, some higher-priced filters can not do so well.
Good and cheap Good and cheap
Great value for money!
Alles in allem ein gutes Produkt. Die Qualität wirkt gut!Alles ist aus Metall gefertigt und macht einen robusten Eindruck.Die Adapterringe verfügen nur über ein Gewinde, welchen ich auf mein Objektiv schrauben (in meinem Fall 49mm) kann. Möchte ich einen Polfilter, etc. montieren, muss ich erst den Schraubfilter und darauf dann den Adapter setzen.Was mir noch aufgefallen ist, dass der Adapterring sehr leichtgängig im Filterhalter sitzt. Ist quasi wie ein Lenkrad welches man problemlos mehrere runden drehen kann. Eine kleine Gummilippe (am Adapter oder am Halter) würde hier evtl.Trotzdem gutes Produkt!
I loved the quality of the materials, all metallic. I looked at many kits but they were all plastic and this one caught my attention especially from the comments. The truth is that it was a success because any other similar kit does not fall under 300€.The optical filter nd1000 is made of glass and gives a very good quality. The only thing I noticed is that it loses a little saturation and the white balance is a little bluish, but when processing the RAW it is easily fixed. You increase the color temperature and saturation and you are done!!! (I use a Canon 80d + 16-35 f4 is). I imagine each lens will be different.Attached a few photos so you can see the difference with filter and without filter. Exposure time on the photo with the 30" filter.If you want to start in the world of filters, do not even think about it for this price. Excellent results.
Quality kit for a very good price Quality kit for a very good price
I recently purchased this set of filters for my Nikon camera but they also fit other brand cameras I own. That is a huge plus for me. For the money, this filter set perfectly meets my needs. This set is good quality, comes well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I would recommend this set to others.
This is a good one This is a good one
I am an amateur and gathering my gear little by little. I bought several K&F items and I have to tell, these guys put love on what they do. Any detail es great, the metal parts are fine, the mobile parts works perfect. A great maker!
bought the rectangular filter set directly from K&F. Since I have worked with screw filters in the past and had the problem with vignetting when screwing several filters on top of each other, I have wanted to buy a rectangular filter set for a long time. Since the sets from NISI, Haida and other well-known manufacturers are very, very expensive, as a hobby photographer I was looking for a cheaper alternative. When I saw several reviews on YouTube, I decided on the K&F set, which is half the price of Haida and CO. I have absolutely no regrets about my decision. The filter holder is very valuable and well thought out. I particularly like how the polarizing filter is attached to the holder and how it can be adjusted using the small wheel. The filters themselves are made of optical glass and show no color cast and are also well coated. Another positive aspect is that the filters have a plastic frame with a tab. This allows the filters to be inserted and removed without annoying fingerprints. A bag is included to store and transport the holder and the filters in it. Also included are various adapter rings for different filter thread diameters. As a landscape hobby photographer, I no longer want to do without the advantages over screw-on filters. I give a clear purchase recommendation for amateur photographers and professionals too! I wasn't expecting such excellent quality for this price. It's amazing what K&F delivers here.
Top!!! Rectangular filter at an affordable price Top!!! Rectangular filter at an affordable price
I was really looking forward to it, everything is packaged beautifully and with high quality, so you can't say anything really great
Still unbeatable for the price! Still unbeatable for the price! Still unbeatable for the price! Still unbeatable for the price! Still unbeatable for the price! Still unbeatable for the price!