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Great product. I bought this solar panel along with the Enginstar 300 and I am totally impressed with the quality, design and easy to use. It is extremely mobile, tough and reliable.
Out of the 5 solar panels I tested today, this one did not perform as well as the others. I was only able to get about 88-90 watts of power at around 18.5 volts. And with that I was only able to get about 4.9 to 5 amps of charging current. It's certainly not a slouch, but it was still slightly below specs. I tested this panel using the DC connector with a DC to MC4 adapter cable.

The build is solid, and the support legs do their job well. What is most interesting is the choice in cabling options this panel offers. In addition to the standard USB/DC output box typically found on most portable folding solar panels, this panel also has an Anderson connector cable wired directly from the panel. You are also provided with an Anderson Y to DC cable that will allow you to easily connect two panels in parallel. There is a DC to DC cable with a collection of DC adapters to fit most any portable power bank or laptop charge connector.

Like the panel itself, the cables are fairly high quality and should hold up over time. I am a bit disappointed in that this was the only panel I tested that fell a bit short of specs, but it was also the last one I tested and perhaps the clouds were a bit thicker. It still did well, and I have a feeling that under direct full sun this panel will hold up well.
good price good product
This seems like a high quality solar panel. It is folds down into a small light package easy take along or store until it’s needed. As you can see by the picture. I was able to draw almost 54 watts on a December day in Indiana.
I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this product is. First impression was this is well made and of high quality. I like that there are 4 panels and you can arrange them in a arch so when you leave it alone for hours you can position the panels with the path of the sun so it gets maximum exposure to it to keep charging more. It was a little heavier than expected but I'd take heavy and high quality over light and flimsy quality any day. I like that there's a pocket to store all the cables and everything folds and snaps together with a carrying strap to transport it around. I don't know if I'll ever need all the little adapters it comes with but it's always good to have more than you need than not having it at all.
Others with more specific acumen on solar chargers have done a great job of describing its function (which is great) in charging. I'll give a lay person's impressions of the things I like, and what I struggled with.

First: This is fantastic! It comes folded into itself several times in a sturdy canvas enclosure, with a clip closure on two points. The clips were a little non-intuitive for me, and I saw no instructions on how to manage them. After several failed attempts, I studied them closely and saw a mid-point hinge, and decided their must be a way that the top flexes. After some fiddling, one of them opened, but I couldn't duplicate what I had done. But I was able to see the mechanism's innards, so then I could see that you have to depress the top of the clip on the edge closest to the attachment to the lower strap. This releases the clasp. It slides back into places easily.

As for the solar panel: Cowabunga! This is the real deal! It's got a great case and a pretty large footprint, when it's scarcely bigger than a thin briefcase! Very happy with the quality, and the attention to detail in the design. Easy to set up and use! This is going in my truck tool box.
My first impression of this solar panel was how well thought out it is. It folds into a lightweight package with convenient carrying handle. It's like carrying a large portfolio. There are two nylon straps with snap buckles that hold the package together. Once unbuckled you just unfold the panels and swing out the kickstands. It takes less than a minute to set it up.

It comes with a full complement of accessory connectors and cables. This includes all the common barrel type connectors and a Powerpole cable. I am a licensed HAM radio operator. We hold regular field events while operating off the grid for emergency simulations. I will be using it for that purpose along with my portable power stations. I plugged it into one of my power stations with the included adapter and the station immediately recognized it as it lit up its LCD display with moving bars..

I am unable to test this panel's performance outside yet because it is mid-February and there is a foot of snow on the ground. Others have commented on its performance so I will take their word for it. However, I can offer some observations and impressions.

What I Like

Lightweight and easy to carry with convenient carrying handle.
Easy and quick setup and breakdown.
Large grommets at all four corners are provided for hanging vertically or horizontally.
Kickstands can be adjusted for best angle and fold away neatly when not in use.
Comes with all the major connector adapters including Powerpole.
Includes output ports for USB-C, USB and DC.
High quality nylon skin.
Overall good build quality.

What I Don't Like

The manual is minimal and sketchy. I struggled to figure out how to undo the buckles. A quick note in the manual would have saved me some time and frustration.


This is a high quality portable solar panel that is easy to set up and break down. It folds into to neat package that can be easily carried by its handle. It comes with all the common adaptors and is a good match for charging portable power stations. I recommend it.
I bought this alongside a 350w powerbank and I use both every day to save money on my electric bill. I can even plug a phone charger into the solar panel itself and charge my phone directly into it. The only downfall is I bought it during Texas rainy season so there are plenty of days where I don't get any charge but the sunny days gets a powerful charge.
Product is lightweight and portable.
Simple to open, set up, and connect to begin charging power station or electronic items directly.
Super easy solar set up to start using for someone that has never used solar before.