• 119.99
Overall Rating 5   46
Good quality and for the price it's good to have, especially being a Rideshare driver. The only negative is that it records videos in AVI format, I much prefer MP4 or MKV.
This dash cam is easy to install. It works as expected for a lower cost camera. Make sure you push the micro SD card in all the way, though, because there is no internal memory (found this out the hard way).
This was easy to set up and be ready to go within minutes. Camera quality isn’t amazing but it’s good for the price point.
This is a pretty good value dashcam. It's easy to install and setup. Supporting 3 different views is great, though the rear cam will take a little more work to set up. Image quality is ok, to be honest none of these cams have a brilliant image since the selection of chips available on the market is quite limited so it's generally similar to others. SD card is included but always better to use your own branded one for reliability. Build quality is average but it's just going to sit on the window so not a big deal. Overall a decent option.
This system works well. It’s not difficult to get set up and delivers a clear steady picture.
So, this thing is like having three cameras all at once. You've got one for the front and one for the passenger side. Although, if you want to see the driver, you'll have to tweak the camera's placement to catch them in the frame. The inside camera doesn't swivel, and it only really captures one person at a time, or the back seats if you plonk it right in the middle. So, it's handy for someone driving for Uber.

The rear camera does its job too. You can even hook it up to the backup feature, so when you shift into reverse, bam, there's your rear view on the screen. I haven't tested that out myself though; I just use it to keep an eye on what's happening behind me, not for backing up. You can easily switch between the different camera views or even have two on the screen at once (like picture in picture).

Overall, it's a pretty solid system. But I'm knocking off a star because the field of view isn't quite 170 degrees. I can't see the whole front hood, and that angle's less than 170. Plus, the interior camera can only really capture whatever angle the front one's been set to. So, if you stick it off to the right of the windshield's center, it's going to capture the passenger. Dead center, and it's the back seats. If you want to record the driver, you'll have to stick it on the driver's side of the windshield, but obviously, that's not ideal since it blocks the driver's view.
This is the first time I’ve used a dashcam (and to be honest I’ve never even seen one in person!), so I’m reviewing this with no pre-conceived ideas, or anything else to compare it to.

This set has 3 cameras to record the front, rear, and the cabin of the car, in full HD quality. My husband installed it and said it was very easy to do so. My car is only small, but the exterior cameras had cabling which is long enough for the biggest of cars.

I’ve installed the app so that I can monitor everything on my phone. It’s easy to watch/delete videos etc on here.

The set comes with a 64GB storage card, but I have used a 128GB card for extra storage space (plus the card I’m using is a reliable, branded one, which I feel is important to minimise data loss). The camera can be put into loop recording mode, so that once full, the camera begins to record over the oldest data.

The camera has decent enough picture quality, in all lights. There are lots of features, such as sensors which detect a collision and then locks the recording so that it can’t be deleted. I also like the parking feature which records any movement when the car is parked.

I’m not familiar with the pricing for dash cams but I’m very pleased with the quality for the price. It’s great for the peace of mind it brings.
What sets this dash cam apart is its three-channel design, featuring front, rear, and interior cameras. This comprehensive coverage allows me to monitor not only the road ahead but also the interior of my vehicle, providing added security and protection.

The night vision feature ensures clear footage even in low-light conditions, while loop recording and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology guarantee seamless recording and optimal image quality in any situation.

Another standout feature is the G-sensor and 24-hour parking monitor, which automatically detects and records any impact or motion when the vehicle is parked. This added layer of security gives me peace of mind knowing that my car is protected even when I'm not around.
I am a firm believer in dash cams in cars. I hate getting involved and he said she said situations and that's why I have installed Dash under all my cars. This dash cam was a bit interesting as it's the most expensive I've ever gotten but it didn't disappoint. It was easy to set up and get going as most of these dash cams are fairly similar to each other and instruction guides are difficult to follow either. The included 64 GB card was a nice addition as well. You don't have to worry about storage however I would say that I would prefer to use my own SD card just so I know it's coming from a reputable company. Besides that all the cameras and microphones work just as expected. The camera quality was fairly good as well and you can make out everything in the close proximity. So summer were to rear end you or you were to rear on somebody for the most part you will have all the information you need. The features that are included I do find a big gimmicky as I don't want to work as you would logically think they would. The biggest one for me was the app and it's Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity. I think the app should Connect using Bluetooth. It makes no sense to use anything else. However having an app is more than I can say for other companies. Lastly the price; right now it's priced at $99.98 however you get $10 coupon. At $89 it's a good deal but it's still more expensive than other dash cams on Amazon. However I would still recommend this as it does come with some more bells and whistles than other dash cams and the camera quality is good enough to protect yourself.
Works ok but I can't seem to get it to work with the app at all
So, I've been using it with just the SD card
Also, after the SD card is full it keeps blinking with a red warning and I can't really read it while driving so I need to look up how to reformat the card
The image quality is decent for the price point even the rear camera