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Does exactly what I need it to do, great packaging, no impact on photos and protects my lens from scratches. Easily comes on and off, worth paying the extra for this premium filter.
I use this as a lens protector since it basically doesn't seem to add any sort of effect. I think it's just clear, but with some UV protection and whatever other technical stuff it does(I'm not a professional). My lens cap also fits over it, but not perfectly, it still has some gap between the filter and the cap so it's not 100% flush, it could just be my cap though
I like having a UV filter on the front of my lenses for peace of mind, and a bit of protection from stray fingers or the elements, so this filter was a decent choice. The filter is quite slim compared to others, with slimmer filter ring with a ridged edge that feels quite high quality. I'm not sure if the glass is thinner than others, but it does also seem to have less of an effect on image quality than some similarly priced filters. It does still have a slightly noticeable effect on my telephoto lenses, though, and does make the image slightly softer when zoomed to 100%.
Excellent quality filter, well made & crystal clear image much better than my previous filter, worth the extra cost
I'm not a professional photographer so I can't offer an in-depth comparative review. As a novice, though, I'm really happy with my order. The listing made it really easy to figure out what size to order. The filter fit my Nikkor DX lens perfectly. The filter came in a nice protective case for situations when I don't want the filter on the lens. I'm still experimenting with it but am enjoying the results of this UV filter.
So let's be real for a minute... the only reason we really buy UV filters is to protect the front element of our lens. With that said, elements nowadays are ridiculously robust. There is really no need for a UV filter in most cases.. it's really just for peace of mind. Nevertheless, I have this one on the front of my 70-200 2.8. I did get a scratch on another lens years ago and it really is just peace of mind now. All of my lenses have UV filters. This one has a great build quality which honestly, I've come to expect from K&F; I have several of their products. There is no more reflection than I notice out of other brands that I have. I can't stipulate on the shear ruggedness of this filter as I try not to combat test my lenses however, I'm sure it will keep the occasional dust, mist, and greasy fingers away from my front element and that is really what I'm after. It lost a star due to the price vs. what you are getting. Yes it does seem to be built with quality material but, I think there are comparable filters out there for less.
I have a number of K&F filters; and this one is the cream of the crop. The coating is not the green haze I see on most of my other UV filters; but more clear- there is very little light reflected. Build quality is also very good, it has nice knurled edges to help install / remove the filter. It is not the thinnest, so I wouldn't use on wide angle lenses so as to prevent vignetting. Comes with a very nice hard plastic case that can fit up to ~92mm outside diameter filters. Threaded right onto my vintage lens to protect that irreplaceable glass.
TL;DR - Impressive performance. Honestly, I'm shocked.

I work as a professional photographer. I have a terrible gear addiction. I pixel peep.

These test photos were shot on a GFX100II with the 23mm F4.

I typically use B+W filters (Clear Basics 007), but I needed an 82mm filter and was inclined to try out this K&F filter. I don't consider myself a gear snob, but I certainly did not expect this filter to perform as well as it did.

In my experience, most clear/uv filters are quite good nowadays and will not degrade your image quality. Reasonably priced brands like Urth/Gobe, Neewer, Tiffen, and Hoya all perform really well and I would argue at parity with brands like PolarPro or B+W when it comes to basic image quality.

Higher end filters tend to show their value when it comes to controlling ghosting, flare and hazing. In my experience every filter exacerbates flare and ghosting, no matter the manufacturer, but the higher end brands tend to do it better.

My testing methodology hardly qualifies as rigorously scientific, but I did my best to force my lens to flare. To my surprise, the image with the K&F filter is surprisingly well controlled. I expected much worse, but it is quite good all things considered.

There is definitely a bit more vignette with the filter as can be seen in the second set of photos, but nothing too serious.

Image detail (No flashlight), is indistinguishable between filter and no filter.

Just a few comments on build quality. I do appreciate how thin this K&F filter is, but the machining and material used in the construction of the filter is definitely several steps below B+W or PolarPro, which makes perfect sense; for the price, there had to be compromises. But I think it's a worthwhile trade off given how great the glass itself performs.

One other thing I will mention is my own personal experience dealing with K&F. I highly recommend purchasing directly on Amazon and not on their website, especially if you aren't 100% certain of your purchase. Despite their no hassle return policy, I had a terrible experience attempting to do a return on a product. I'll just say it was a drawn out affair that involved days of e-mail tag and finally a store credit despite there being a clear discrepancy in their product description.

Customer service aside, they do make some quality products, so don't let that deter you from purchasing from them.

I will continue updating this review as I have more time to use the filter out in the field.

For now, I shall tentatively award this filter 5/5 for giving me such a great first impression.
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I've been an amateur photographer since high school, buying my first "serious" camera in 1967. I've always been a big believer in filters, if for no other reason than lens protection—but back in my film days, especially black and white, I almost always had a yellow, or green, etc. filter on to get a more correct B and W image. Even though I'm careful with my equipment, I use it, and carry a cameras on hikes, etc.—and have a handful of shattered or deeply scratched filters from mishaps over the years, and each one represents a lens that wasn't damaged. So, I rarely won't have a UV filter on.

I decoded to really test this filter, along with a few others: two from top tier brands, both at least 10 to 15 years old, this K&F, another recent "new brand" and finally, a bare lens. For my test I used a heavy tripod, and had a bright, mid morning sun facing the camera, at about 35º up and 10º to the left of the lens axis. I did not use a lens shade.

I'm including a few screen shots of the images here. Each has a note in it saying what it is. More than anything, I realize I need to redo this test, with additional expiosures of each filter, to select the most vibration free one. (This is a 102 Mega pixel sensor; I've been learning all sorts of things about vibration lately, since getting this camera...) I am also going to fully clean each of the filters. For this test, I did clean them all, so that by eye I couldn't't see any dust, or other residue—but, next time I am going to use Residual Oil Remover ("ROR") which is truly there best way to get a lens surface clean.

In any case, this K+F filter came closest to matching the "no filter" shot, in terms of overall contrast and color saturation. It also rendered the more subtle etching on Washington's forehead about as well as the other top filters.

What I can't answer is how durable the coatings will prove to be. Mechanically, the filter screws on and off easily, without any sticking. The machining on the rim is nicely done. A brass rim would be about the only upgrade I can think of. If you're curious about this line of filters, I encourage you to try one.
This is a seriously good filter! This is a seriously good filter! This is a seriously good filter! This is a seriously good filter! This is a seriously good filter!
I have many products from K&F Concept. At this point most of my walk around lens filters are made by them. I get consistently good quality and performance from each of this filters, and this design is no exception. The multicoatings work really well to reduce glare and reflections and short of looking at the sun, the coatings do really work. I can't really speak to these being ":ultra-low reflectivity" as the filter seems to have multi coatings similar to my other K&F Concept products. Overall, this is a good choice for protecting lenses that are carried around, like during travel or doing family photography etc.
Consistent high quality I've come to expect from K&F Concept