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I bought the M39-FX adapter so I could use my old Leica screwthread lenses on my newly bought Fujifilm X-Pro 2. The adapter hasn‘t disappointed me. It's well made and is delivered with its own storage box. I'm impressed.
I was a bit worried at first, as I knew the M39 referenced an odd Russian LTM thread copy lens mount, but the actual lenses would not focus correctly on any camera other than the model it was designed for. If that were the case, then all my L39 lenses wouldn't work. But they do, so K&F have breathed new life into old rangefinder lenses. Many many thanks.
Excellent - expensive, but does the job perfectly.
Nice piece of kit. I thought at first that my Nikon lenses would not slide on, but it‘s quite stiff pushing against the leaf-springs inside, but it then gives way and is a very secure fit.
Nothing to dislike, it‘s a very good quality adapter. I wanted an adapter that I could use with a lens I bought new 45 years ago that came with my Practica SLR camera. Sadly the camera has gone but I kept the lens.
The adapter is very good quality and now the lens is being used with my current camera. I know I could have bought cheaper adapters, but this is still a very reasonable amount to pay and saving around £10 seemed pointless on a lovely modern camera.

I didn't rate the stars for autofocus, as old lenses can only be used in manual focus on modern digital cameras. At least that's my understanding, maybe some other lenses can autofocus with some adapters.
Good quality adapter Good quality adapter
I’ve got lots of them various lens fittings out of all of them this make is best for qualityAll the other’s work but this just feels better made
I have always used K&F adapters, because I think the quality is good and the price isn’t excessive. The product is well made, durable and fits both camera and lens, perfectly. Highly recommended
Perfect. Attached my nikkor lenses to my Fuji. Works with my 600mm as well. But this.
I found the “Lipstick on a pig" reviewer hilarious, blaming everyone else in addition to the obviously poor copy they received.
After all, they are the only ones worthy as we never use our cameras and so can‘t be 'proper' photographers! Even though some of us do this for a living. Woe betide us if we get a good copy of this product and give it a decent review haha!

Please tell me you are only 10 years old. Then I could understand the childish little hissy fit.

My copy is perfect and I use my cameras daily.
Quality product which fits both lens and camera well.
This adapter allows me to use all my vintage Canon lenses on my Fujifilm X-E4. Really completes my quest into trying to replicate film digitally. A good Fujifilm recipe, plus a vintage lens with a mist filter on really creates images that are very close to film.
- affordable and super high quality (metal)
- allows me to use my vintage Canon lens
- doesn’t add too much bulk or weight to the camera

- Manual focus only
- on one of my lenses, I have to wiggle around the apature lever before it will engage with this adapter. Not sure if this is a lens or an adapter issue though.
- very visible logo (not a massive issue, but it does annoy me!)

Overall, I’m very happy with this!