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Overall Rating 5   28
Bought to use with a Nikon Z6ii for vintage lenses - does exactly as it says on the tin!
The adapter is solidly built and arrives in a plastic case that doubles as a great place to store it dust free when not in use.The adapter is a good fit however it should be noted that even though its a close fit it will not provide weather sealing.
There are 3 mini set screws that can be used to adjust the rotation of the lens to either ensure the aperture ring aligns to the top or to any desired position.
This adapter opens up a world of possibilities for vintage lenses with unique effects and bootsale/ebay finds.
Would recommend this to anyone needing an adapter for a collection of lenses or intrigued by the world of vintage lenses.
Great piece of kit. All my old 42mm mount lenses work perfectly. Well pleased. Definitely recommend this item.
i using on nikon z6 for m lenses, good quality adaptor, no any complains.
Item arrived two days early, so bonus points for that.First impression: it seems well built, sturdy and does what it says on the tin. I can now use my Carl Zeiss Planar T 50mm f/2 on both my Leica M3 and Nikon Z6II. So far, so good. Now if you‘ll excuse me, I'm going out to use the adapter.
Not the most exciting of photographic kit, nonetheless, it either works or it‘s useless. This fits well, no stiffness no dramas and the lenses adapt (manual only). Works with both full frame and DX lenses, and is easy to use with the focus highlighting features of these mirrored cameras (albeit as a 10MP - Z6 - or 19MP - Z7 - crop in the DX mode). Extended the life of my A mount prime lenses, which, given the current prices of S line lenses, is no bad thing. Slight vignetting on my Sony 50'm 1.8, but nothing major.
Was recommended this by a photographer friend and can agree, it's the best adapter ! Not at all wobbley. Great way to get more use out of some of the excellent lenses, that can be found quite inexpensively these days, on a modern camera.
Great adapter, and great concept, definitely worth more than cheaper counterparts
Excellent product. Very good value. A great way to bring new life to an old lens. I am impressed with the quality of the K&F Concept and the service I received.
A friend of mine has used KF K&F Concept's camera adapter, it fits very well and the quality is very good, I will try it too