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62mm ND8 (3 Stop) Lens Filter, HD Fixed Neutral Density Filter with 18 Layer Double Side Coated

5 27 Review(s) KF01.1511
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£22.19 £26.63 16% OFF Inclusive of VAT
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
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  • KF01.1511
  • SKU: KF01.1511
  • 22.19
  • * 3 Stop Exposure Correction | ND8 Filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens, allowing for slower shutter speeds like long exposure and motion blur.
  • * HD Optical Glass with Multilayer Coating keeps the color neutral and without color cast, let you obtain better image quality and more realistic colors. The ND filter also dustproof and waterproof.
  • * Aluminium frame | Slim profile to avoid vignetting on wide-angle lens ; Aluminium alloy frame sealing ring for better tightness, avoiding falling or releasing; Double-threaded for stacking.
  • * Function | ND filters allow you to have more control of the camera's aperture, exposure time and sensor sensitivity settings, which can produce a shallower depth of field, or achieve a sharper photo. It also helps improve video quality by introducing a natural motion blur for smoother motion in video in bright daylight situations.
  • * Choose the right size | Please verify your camera's lens thread size first(usually marked somewhere on the lens barrel or the lens cap). This number is always preceded by a "Ø" symbol. i.e. Ø58 = 58mm lens thread size.

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Model KF01.1511 KF01.1484 KF01.1480 KF01.1147 KF01.1146 KF01.1315
82mm 100*150mm 100*100mm 67mm
84% 0.0156
Filter Material
Optisch glas Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass
Filter Thickness
3.3mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 5.5mm
Ring Material
Luchtvaart aluminium legering Optical glass Optical glass Aviation aluminum alloy
Square Square Circle
Reviews (27)
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Excellent value for money.
In my opinion, a nice ND filter. Excellent value for money. With 3 stops you are good for most situations. I have attached an application before and after ND. No obvious color change to my eyes other than darkening the image. However, it is common to find color casts that are unique to most brands. This can be done in the mail if it is not a lot. For that price point, this ND isn't an idea, especially on a budget. It looks well done, the glass and packaging are decent enough.
Excellent value for money. Excellent value for money. Excellent value for money. Excellent value for money.
I am very impressed with this ND filter
With all of these new product releases that K&F has released lately, it is obvious that they have decided to improve their game in terms of the real quality of their products. This ND filter is a prime example of this. This is a glass filter and the coating they use seems to help with the flare up quite well. I find that it doesn't attract dust particles like some of my other ND filters. This is a fine filter with small ridges on the opposite sides so it is very easy to attach to my lenses. More importantly, I see very few colors with this filter which terrifies me given the price. Whatever K&F has been doing lately, I hope they continue to do so.
I am very impressed with this ND filter I am very impressed with this ND filter I am very impressed with this ND filter
Everything is perfect
This is a very high quality filter with a very thin thickness. I love it
Everything is perfect Everything is perfect
High quality ND filter
Very well designed ND filter, nicely packaged with efficient storage method as shown in the photo. Is screwed onto the lens with high quality threads (ie no loosening or scratching noises). Very happy with ND results and have already bought a second lens (46mm) for another lens.
High quality ND filter High quality ND filter
Inexpensive quality filter from K&F Concept
“The K&F Concept ND 8 filter is a handy item to have in your kit, especially if you are looking for a well-built filter at a reasonable price. The filter has a gradation factor of 0.9 or three stops, which allows you to use slower shutter speeds during the day or in bright conditions. The filter has 18 coating layers. The aluminum frame is light and very thin, and I had no problem screwing on a lens. The manufacturer also states that the filter is both waterproof and scratch-resistant. I used the 58mm filter on a 50mm lens and, as expected, didn't see any vignetting. The filter is also supplied in a single case with a grooved rubber insert, which enables K&F to Keep filters of different sizes in a single case. The rubber insert helps hold the filter in place in the housing. K&F Concept seems to offer high quality products at affordable prices in the market. Highly recommended !"
Inexpensive quality filter from K&F Concept Inexpensive quality filter from K&F Concept
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