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49mm UV CPL Filter Kit with Metal Caps, Nano-X Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filter Cover Waterproof Multi-coated

5 23 Review(s) SKU.1658
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£36.99 £49.99 26% OFF Inclusive of VAT
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • 30-day refund or replacement.49mm UV CPL Filter Kit with Metal Caps, Nano-X Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filter Cover Waterproof Multi-coated
  • SKU.1658
  • SKU: SKU.1658
  • 36.99
  • • K&F Concept Filter Kit: Consists of Nano-X polarising filter (CPL filter), MC UV filter, two metal lens caps and storage bag, K&F Concept filter kit makes your photographic journey easier and more comfortable
  • • Features: polarising filter (CPL filter) and MC UV filter with 28 layers of green anti-reflective nano coating, made of optical glass, HD, waterproof, scratch-resistant, oil-resistant; the surface of the frame is equipped with CNC precision engraving with non-slip teeth for precise filter adjustment, CPL filter frame thickness 5 mm/0.2 inch, UV filter frame thickness 3 mm/0.13 inch, ultra-thin Frame design prevents darkness. Corners when using wide angle lenses
  • • CPL functions: the polarising filter (CPL filter) eliminates non-glass reflections, water reflections, increases saturation, gives the image a blue sky and white cloud layers and does not affect the sharpness of the image in the telephoto area for high-resolution images
  • • UV functions: the UV filter protects the lens from damage and absorbs UV rays. The multi-layer coating allows the light to pass through without changing the direction of light, without affecting the image sharpness in the telephoto area and with high-resolution images. Light transmission up to 99.6%
  • • Metal lens cap: equipped with top and bottom metal lens cap made of aviation grade aluminium alloy for effective protection of filter and lens; with storage bag for storing and protecting the filter on the go

Rating 23 reviews. 22 reviews. 6 reviews. 53 reviews. 134 reviews. 25 reviews.
Price £49.99 £36.99 £61.41 £45.99 £39.99 £33.19 £109.99 £43.99 £35.99 £17.99 £49.99 £31.19
Model SKU.1658 KF01.1086 KF01.1414 KF01.1483 SKU0125 KF01.1273
72mm 95mm 77mm 58mm 77mm
Filter Material
Optical glass Optisch glas Optical glass Optical glass
Filter Thickness
9.3mm 0.13in/3.3mm 7.0mm 7.0mm
Circle Circulaire Circle Circle
Ring Material
Aviation aluminum alloy Luchtvaart aluminium legering Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy
Reviews (23)
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A good set of flters
The presentation of this set is top notch. It comes in a nice box and the filters are inside a cloth bag. Very slick presentation.

We have actual glass in the filters and whatever coating they have used is quite good a reducing any glare. I don't use UV filters much but it will provide some nice protection for your lenses. The CPL works quite well. I was doing overhead shots in a table and the issue I was having was that the lighting I was using was causing a lot of glare on the table. Using the CPL I was able to reduce the glare enough to get some nice shots.

The screw on caps are nice but honestly I would have preferred if they were magnetic. That being said the screw on caps work fine and will provide a ton of protection for your glass underneath.
A good set of flters
Great product
Super Fast Delivery
They are supporting a great cause
Excellent value for money!
So first of all the great thing about these filters: they are simply EXCELLENT !!! Almost no colorimetric drift, no loss of sharpness, no aberration.
Very good inexpensive filter
Filters K&F
The filters work fine.
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The filters can be screwed together. However, each filter is in its own filter box for transport. 
One MCUV filter, one CPL filter, a set of upper and lower lens caps, and a storage bag; 
Works great. The filter is screwed on and the lens cap can be clamped directly to the front of the filter, as you do directly on the lens. Everything very precisely fitting and of high quality. 
The housings are not marked on the outside. Just the filters themselves.