Square Filter Kit 100mm ND1000 + 150mm GND8 + Metal Square Filter Holder Set
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  • - 【Kit Includes】 This square filter set includes 1x ND1000 Filter + 1x Soft GND8 Filter + 1x Metal Filter Holder + 2 x Filter Carry Case + 8 x Filter Adapter Rings (49mm/52mm/58mm/62mm/67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm).
  • - 【ND Filter Function】 ND1000 filter: 100x100mm super slim and only 47.5g, has 10 stops (3.0), the main advantage of the square ND1000 filter can prevent overexposure and prevent excess light from entering the lenses when shooting; Soft GND8 filter: 100x150mm, has 3 stops (0.9), for shooting while the sky and the floor have a great contrast of light, balancing the light.
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SN25T1 ND1000 Square Filter 100x100mm + Metal Holder + 8pcs Adapter Rings For DSLR
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  • - ND1000 effectively blocks more than light, interferes with the viewfinder, guarantees the quality of taking pictures, and can play a certain dustproof and waterproof function, which is very suitable for landscape photography.
  • - The material of the filter is high-quality optical glass, which adopts double-sided, multi-layer enhanced coating, which can effectively reduce the surface reflection of the filter. It greatly reduces the glare from the reflection of the outline of the long exposure lens and ensures premium image quality.
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SJ51T Anti-IR GND8(0.9) Square Lens Filter Kit 100x150mm
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  • - It is suitable for the contrast between sky and ground. In this way you avoid overexposure of the sky, while at the same time correctly displaying the landscape
  • - The material of the filter is high quality optical glass imported from Germany. The quality is guaranteed, which is the standard for high quality products
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100mm Square Filter Holder Aluminum Filter Holder with 49-82mm Adapter Rings
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  • - The 100mm filter holder is made of aviation aluminum through CNC integrated processing, and the surface is oxidized by black matte; All nut parts of the bracket are made of copper and plated with black nickel, which is more durable and reduces the effect of stray light on imaging.
  • - The connection between the aluminum holder and the camera lens is front side, the overall structure is arc-shaped, and the protruding portions on both sides are clips.
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