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I have a very old GoPro that requires an outer case to make it water proof so my biggest concern after reading the other reviews that were possibly on newer models that are built to be waterproof was "will it work for this one?" Answer is yes. Even though there is additional weight of the case (not much but is heavier than the new ones wo it) the hand grip remained afloat. I use my GoPro during open water swims in a coastal area well know for lots of sea life - Tiger Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Garibaldi, rays and other schools of fish. I wanted a stick that was hand held and floated - this does the job well. The wrist lanyard is enough to secure to the the wrist. I am not sure how much (if ever) I will use the fast release feature but I feel that since you have to both push in the side orange buttons and then twist, it should remain secured without an issue.
Works as intended even with an OLD GoPro
This K&F Concept floating hand grip is the perfect size for your action camera. It has a soft grip, that does not lose the grip when wet, but there is a wrist strap so you can feel safe knowing you will not drop your investment. Both the top and the bottom have a connection use so there are multiple ways to attach the camera, but both are super easy to work with. The fact that the handle floats ensures that your camera will not sink away if you accidentally let it go. This does not telescope, so it does not function like a selfie stick, this is more for a grip during your action, whatever that may be. When attached to the top, there is a quick disconnect so you do not have to remove the camera from the grip, but simply remove the connector from the grip with the quick disconnect, then quickly put it back on and your good to go. A very good piece of equipment that you'll find super useful.
Simple design and easy to use Simple design and easy to use Simple design and easy to use
This is a really well made floater.

It attached to my Akaso Brave 7 perfect.

I also love the quick release top which I can see as super convenient.

The best part is the grip. It's tough feeling but has a really nice feel in my hands. I don't think hand fatigue would be an issue if I were using this for a long time.

Great price point for what you get. Would buy again if I happen to lose this one!!
I find it challenging to hold onto my Go-Pro in its floatie case and take photos with it while snorkeling. The Go-Pro attaches easily to this handle and the handle makes it easier to hold steady underwater. You still need to set up your video functions with 2 hands, but once you are snorkeling you can just hold the handle for steadier filming. Now if they could just add a remote shutter button to the handle!
So I'm going start with the quick release head. I thought it was more of a gimmick and was thinking of gluing it on for security. Its much nicer than I thought it would be. It locks on solid and gives you the option of turning the head 180 degrees. As for the handle it self. It's easy to try to compare this to the generic Gopro handles with the bottom that unscrews but this compares to the OEM "Floaty" handle much more accurately. It is better made that I thought it would be. It has nice foam with a definitive front and back, a wrist lanyard and a 1/4 20 mount on the bottom. Overall it is a very nice handle!
Quick release head is a cool feature.
This is a nice floatie stick. The tether end does not ubscrew, which is a good thing. The tether end has a standard female screw thread which means the slfie stick can be mounted atop any tripod mount. The GoPro end does detach from the floatie stick, though. All in all, it's a nice, well-built stick. Time will tell how it holds up.
This handle was very lightweight and easy to hold. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it in the water yet but the included lanyard helps secure it to my hand. I like the quick disconnect feature so that I can take it off the handle and then reattach it. I would definitely recommend it for use while swimming in a lake or at the beach.
Lightweight and easy Quick Release Lightweight and easy Quick Release Lightweight and easy Quick Release
the rubber coating is very comfy to hold. quick release is cool but not really sure of the purpose since there are not other attachments that I am aware of. still its a nice grip, arguably better than the stock one since there is no foam to get damaged/fall off.
I bought this primarily for the boat. It floats. Hopefully, when I drop it in the water, it'll stay afloat so I can retrieve my cam. It's nicely constructed and comes with a long cinching bolt. It does not come with an adapter with the 1/4-20 screw. That comes with your camera's accessory package, but I do wish this came with an extra as I only have one. I do like the quick-release (see my video). It's easy to release and has a solid "click" when reconnecting it. The lanyard is a plus.
Very nice cam grip Very nice cam grip
So I’ve been using this when out kayaking Englands rivers(I have river license), and I’m happy to say that it works great.
I like the overall feel of this in my hand, it has a decent girth that makes it easy hold, the width of the handle, along with the nicely done rubberised ergonomic grip mean I can grab this quickly to film when I want to.
The addition of a nice bright lanyard is a real bonus, it’s big enough to get my gloved hand through and does what it should, it feels strong and durable, I have no concerns with it at all.
I like the fact I can put this onto a tripod or monopod etc, with no problems because it has the standardised threading on the bottom to screw it too them.
All I all, this is an awesome bit of kit in my opinion. Worth 5 stars, because it does what it should faultlessly, and feels well made to me.
Does exactly what it should Does exactly what it should Does exactly what it should