Rechargeable Infrared Binocular Night Vision: 2.4-inch Display, 7-speed Infrared Adjustment, 8x Digital Zoom, 1000ft Viewing Distance, Video Recording & Photo Shooting, Day & Night Use

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Brand: K&F Concept
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  • * 【Day and night, full black night vision】Built-in 3W IR LED infrared light, 850nm strong infrared spotlight, allows you to clearly see the target you want to observe in complete darkness or dim ambient light. 7-speed infrared night vision adjustment, 10x high-definition magnification and 1.3 million pixel, star-level infrared enhanced CMOS photosensitive chip, will help you find animals accurately and clearly in the dark;
  • * 【2.4-inch TFT LCD display】This night vision binoculars adopts a 2.4-inch wide TFT material screen, allowing you to capture the wonderful moments of animals at night, giving you a more vivid visual experience. Supports 1080P FHD photo shooting and video, allowing you to have clear night vision. You can save animal photos and videos while observing;
  • * 【Easy to use and mini size】This night vision goggle is only 206g and the size is only palm size, very light and easy to carry. Perfect for hunting, military tactics, watching wildlife and landscapes, it allows you to expand your night vision on the go. In addition, there are 5 silicone buttons on the goggles, and each button has a clear mark to explain what the function is, making it easy for novices to identify and use;
  • * 【Ultra High Resolution and 1000ft Hunting Field of View】This night vision binoculars allows you to clearly see targets within 1000ft distance in complete darkness. The captured videos and photos can be exported to a computer for viewing using a data cable, or stored in a memory card, with a maximum of 32GB of extended memory, allowing you to review wonderful moments at any time. (Note: memory card not included)
  • * 【Built-in high-capacity battery】Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, don't worry about always changing the battery, saving and environmental protection. IP54 waterproof, supports more usage scenarios, and can be a good helper for your hunting, camping, fishing, outdoor adventure, search and rescue, wildlife observation, bird watching, and taking landscape photos
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Kentfaith items enjoy [Quality Guarantee]. If the item you purchased has quality issues or problems caused by non-users and enjoys "Quality Guarantee", Kentfaith will provide comprehensive after-sales service.

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Nice handset. Good price.
This is a nice portable IR night vision device. I found it ergonomic and easy to use. The zoom is great and the picture is of good quality. It can be used as a night vision device or as a day monocular because the IR projector (IR flashlight) can be turned on and off separately from the device. The fact that it comes with a memory card for taking and transferring photos and videos from the device is a huge plus. The video function is of good quality. I have used it to discreetly check the property at night and for game viewing. Be aware that this won't completely hide you, as the backlit screen casts a bit of a dim light on you, but as we said, it's relatively discreet and much more than pointing a white-light spotlight or flashlight at the area. The price was great for what I consider the excellent quality. I'
Nice handset. Good price.
Nice little addition!
I've added this to my backpack and it really gives me an edge on evening hunts! It's a must-have for people who need help seeing in the dark hours of the night!
Fun camera for casual people
This camera was relatively cheap compared to more sophisticated models. I think it's a good starting point for someone who wants to see what one of these cameras is like. The camera strap held up well, but the camera was a bit difficult to hold due to my large hands. That's to be expected, however, as the camera is fairly compact by design. The viewfinder is very bright but a bit small, again due to the nature of the design. I initially had a problem with my camera, but the seller responded quickly and fixed the problem. Had fun with it!
needs an improvemen
First let me say this is worth the money. it's much better than i expected. easy to use and is pretty good night vision. many advantages, but of course there is a disadvantage. You cannot bring your eye to the viewfinder. It has to be several inches away from your face to see anything. A bit like trying to place your eye against the screen of your phone or TV. I wish the viewfinder was more like a camcorder. but I recommend this product.
Very good up to about 100 meters.
If you want to see something alive beyond 100 meters, you need additional IR light.
See What’s going on at Night
I live in an apartment facing the woods and it can be daunting wondering ~ what is out there at night.

With these I don’t have to worry or wonder anymore-

I can see better in the dark with night vision..

I’m still playing with this ,
setting up all the different options that it gives you-
too much to mention here.

I like the big viewing screen ~

it’s easy to use and see.

It comes with a velvet carry case and a glass cleaning cloth with instructions on all the things you can do with these.

They are much nicer than I thought they would be!

It has a way to take videos and
store media with a micro SD card up to 32 GB ..
it automatically powers off in 10 minutes ( default) or the time you set it too.

7 speed infrared adjustment

USB port - type C rechargeable

The video size is adjustable...

date stamp and digital zoom 8x

Color special effects: color , Black and white, luminous green and infrared light..

Multiple languages available
Great Product - far better at night in GREEN MODE
I didn't expect too much but this thing is really great at night! I've worn Army night vision and frankly as I am not worried about having an IR signature, this one is GREAT. You can focus in super clear day or night. At night I found that while in Green Mode I could see out perfectly clear with the IR just set on 3 (so a pretty low setting) out to 300 Meters EASY, and clear. I can zoom in that far at least as well. I will say that the more you do zoom the quality drop some. For around 100 dollars I am absolutely thrilled with this product. The actual build is solid as well. Out of all the many IR based night vision out there this one is just a great size, solid build and really good optics. Outstanding.
Very nice little day or night binoculars
The biggest problem I had with this was finding the charging/memory card port. It’s hard to see, especially for an old guy like me working in dim light. Eventually I noticed a small area that feels different and opened it up. I like that it uses USB-C!

The number of controls intimidated me at first. Each button is marked, but there’s no contrast, so I can’t make them out without reading glasses in bright light. However, a quick glance at the manually quickly gives you the idea.

Adjusting the zoom is a bit slow, but that’s actually good when trying to focus on a particular thing.

It switches automatically between day and night vision and can record movies as well as still photos.

Very light, it’s no burden to carry these with you. Unlike traditional binoculars, the viewing screen makes it easier for two or three people to see at the same time, either live or retrieved video/photos.

I think I’ll keep this in the car so it will always be handy.
Works well for a such a compact unit.
For the price I think this is a good value. I compared to another that looks almost identical but that does not come with a battery. (Finding a battery that fit was easier said than done.) This one comes with a rechargeable battery installed and sells for $20 less than the other brand. I also found the color of the image more to my liking in this one.

I was looking at object up to 150 feet way and the image was excellent. The IR illuminator was very effective.

A couple of comments. These are monoculars, not binoculars. They only have one objective lens. You do not hold these up to your eyes as shown in several places in the ad. You hold them out in front of you and look at the screen.

Overall I am very pleased with this item.
Decent bag for your money
When used in a structure at night, it works perfectly. Everything is clearly lit and easy to see. Outdoors I was able to get a visibility of around 25 meters which again was clear and easy to see. All in all, for what you pay, you get solid night vision in a compact little design. The only downside I could come up with is the battery life. I haven't tracked it, but it seems like the device chews through the batteries pretty quickly.
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Our night vision goggles are equipped with 850NM infrared and 7-stop infrared adjustment, allowing you to see things clearly up to 1000FT/300M at night 
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Of course, this night vision binoculars is for day and night. 
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Of course, the built-in rechargeable battery is our unique advantage. After connecting the night vision device to the charger via a USB cable, you can charge it with a 5V/2A charger. (Note: Charger not included) 
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Night Vision Goggles
screen size 2.4" HD TFT screen
digital zoom 8x
Visible range 250-300 meters
Battery Built-in 2600MAH lithium battery
storage bag ×
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