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18 in 1 Lens Filter Step Ring Set 9pcs Step Up Ring & 9pcs Step Down Ring

4.8 211 Review(s) SKU0629
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£12.57 £24.99 49% OFF Inclusive of VAT
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  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • 18 in 1 Lens Filter Step Ring Set 9pcs Step Up Ring & 9pcs Step Down Ring,free shipping.
  • SKU0629
  • SKU: SKU0629
  • 12.57
  • • Kit Includes:Step Ring 37-49mm 49-52mm 52-55mm 55-58mm 58-62mm 62-67mm 67-72mm 72-77mm 77-82mm 49-37mm 52-49mm 55-52mm 58-55mm 62-58mm 67-62mm 72-67mm 77-72mm 82-77mm
  • • Ultra-low chemical residues, attached to a solid,tight match
  • • Special aviation aluminum alloy, high strength, impact resistance, twist and pressure
  • • Lenses and filters come in different sizes and models, they don't always fit together correctly,but this step up and step down filter will solve this matter
  • • 18pcs Step Up and Step Down Ring Filter Set
Reviews (211)
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Exactly as described. Work properly.
These arrived in good condition, in 4 stacks to nest/save space. None were overtightened, it felt like some care had gone into this, with each ring screwed in enough to keep them together without risking binding.If I were to be picky, each of the two sets (up/down) came in a very cheap plastic bag and my bags had cuts in them, so not really suitable for continued storage. But I guess storage of filters or these rings is a personal thing, so not really worth the manufacturer including a nice pouch.
Exactly as described. Work properly.
Excellent "complete set" of stepping rings
Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal viewThis set of stepping rings is a "one hit" solution meaning it covers every common filter size from 82mm down to 37mm with all the sizes in between you would expect. There might be a few odd compact camera filter sizes using non standard sizes not here but for SLR or ILC users this will fit every lens filter. The rings are made from anodised aluminium and I looked quite closely at the threading as well as using them on various lenses and filters I didn't have any problems the threads are well defined and clean that's quite important.Looking at the rings the first number on each one tells you the thread size for the lens the second for the filter for example a 67mm-62mm ring means you can put a 62mm filter on a 67mm lens filter size very easy to follow. Whilst it is possible to buy stepping rings that cover bigger gaps in one go (say a 77mm filer to a 55mm) you can get there with this kit just use multiple rings. Covers all you need and can save you a fortune replicating expensive filters in different sizes. A must have
Vlogger must have accessory for ND Filters
Like most of us vloggers we have a selection of lenses and on the bright sunny days we need to use ND Filters, these step up and step down rings have allowed me to use the 1 Variable ND filter accross 4 different lenses that all have different threads. This has saved me having to purchase a seperate size ND Filter for each lens. My outdoor videos on my YouTube channel have never looked so good! Really pleased and would recommend to all.
versatility use
using these amazing step up-step down filter rings allowed me to use any of the various sizes filters i have used in he past and the quality issuperb.
Impossible to remove
I bought these quite a while ago for an nd filter as they where cheap, but only just got around to using it. The top step up filters work great. but some are impossible to remove, I mean, I had to scratch the step up filter, and almost break it to get it off of the other ring.Quality control needed. I'm actually struggling to put the rings onto my 30mm f 1.4 right now, as I'm writing this review as the ring is warped...

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Yes, if you stack the 52-55mm and the 55-58mm adapter. 
Is that the filter thread size. The size is usually marked on the lens. If you look at the product it does not have a filter thread fitting for 40.5mm. 
These adapters allow you to fit many lens and accessories to a camera you may need more than one ring to get the proper fit. This is a perfect kit for doing so as it goes up and down in size. It does not matter what make as long as the connecting thread is the correct one. 
Hi, fuji 35mm f2 lens needs 43mm filter, so this filter adapter is not compatible. 
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