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ND32&CPL Filter

  • - 【2 in 1 Function】One filter has the ND filter and CPL filter features, it can not only reduce the amount of light entering the lens but also darken skies, manage reflections as the same time. Ultra slim rim design preventing wide angle vignetting.
  • - 【NANOTEC】Our optical engineers developed new Nano coating layer technology, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective blue coating, effectively prevent from oil, fingerprint, scratch, protect valued lens.
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£49.30 £22.19
  • - 【2-in-1 function filter】 The functions of the ND filter with the fifth f-stop and the CPL polarization filter are brought together innovatively, and there will be no vignetting problem.
  • - 【Function】 ND32: Increases the exposure time and replaces it with a larger aperture. The amount of incident light is reduced by about 1/32 by using the ND32 filter. CPL: effectively eliminate reflected light and increase the saturation and sharpness of the subject.
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£39.99 £22.99