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Got this K&F concept battery to use on my Canon R6 rig with the Smallrig tiltable Vmount bracket, and it's an awesome addition to my rig.

Adding a Vmount to your rig increases the weight tremendously but can also help reduce some hassle, especially, if like me, you are using a monitor as well. My monitor is an OSEE T5, and it likes to absolutely chew through the Sony NPF style batteries, so I'm always changing them like twice on shooting days. With this Vmount battery, I can plug in a usbc-to-usb micro cable, and power the screen off it for the entire day no problem.

I have one other Vmount battery, and this K&F has some big advantages. One, it's smaller than the competitor in every dimension, which is great for cuttings some bulk. Two, the screen is much more useful and provides pretty much the easiest way to tell how long its going to last - a run time meter! This is so awesome and being new to v-mount, I didn't even know it existed. On the screen of the K&F, you can see both USB port voltages, the battery voltage and bars%, as well as the current runtime for the output you are using. I have not used this to power my camera or other accessories quite yet, but seeing that number is incredibly useful.

One complaint, which might be a USB restriction, is that my display refuses to work on a USBA-to micro cable. I'm not sure if this is because USBA can't resolve above 5v or what, but I have to use a C-to-micro. PD on the USB C port works as expected, and is very useful because to power an R6, you have to use that. Unfortunately with my current cable set, my display cable blocks my USB port on my camera, so I wasn't able to power both the camera and screen at the same time, but I'm sure that's possible with a cable change.

Overall for the price of this battery, it's awesome. I would say that you should refrain from dropping it, as you should with most camera gear, but the plastic on it does not feel super thick. The vmount has a plastic plate where it contacts the receiving end, and feels just fine. It's attached with 3 screws so if you do break it somehow, it could theoretically be replaced.

Charging this over USBC works fine and charges the battery up in some amount of time (I always charge the night before shoots so I don't really care). If you look at the screen while charging, it does actually show that the voltage resolves to 20v, so make sure you are using a PD-compatible charger to get maximum charging speed.
Awesome Vmount battery Awesome Vmount battery Awesome Vmount battery
This is your basic V-mount battery for use on a portable lighting solution. A lot of applications for theses units but I've been putting this one on LED light panels or COB constant lights a fair amount. Performance has been really good and the unit is well made with a nice finish and tightly fitting port covers.

The integrated display helps you keep track of charge percentage and output voltage. I found this pretty helpful. I used my D-tap charger without issue on this unit and it came back to full charge pretty quickly.

All in all a solid unit that I have in my kit for those times when you need power to go.
Good portable battery! Good portable battery! Good portable battery! Good portable battery! Good portable battery! Good portable battery!
First of all, this is a good price for a V-Tap battery like this, a bit on the heavy side but that can't be helped. Initial charge took 4 hours to get to full power. Now usage is down to 60% at the lowest and takes about 2.5 hours to get back to full. Not bad, I think and coomes with an array of any type of port you way need likes the USBs and D-Tap. I have a dummy battery attached to this from another manufacturer to power my R5 and they all play well together. No issues. The V attachment also hangs well on my Neewer and SmallRig cages and pieces. Sometime in direct bright sunlight of this tropical region, the screen can be a little hard to read. Have to shade it with something but the readout is fantastic. No need to look at a little line of LCD dots to see the charge, thank goodness. All in all it was exactly what I was looking for, I now I don't have to send assistants back to the office to charge or get me new batteries!
Good price for a V-mount, good power, nice info screen, plenty of taps Good price for a V-mount, good power, nice info screen, plenty of taps Good price for a V-mount, good power, nice info screen, plenty of taps Good price for a V-mount, good power, nice info screen, plenty of taps Good price for a V-mount, good power, nice info screen, plenty of taps
This battery is amazing and works perfect with the Canon R5C and a Kondor Blue DTap to USB-C cable. Highly recommend due to it's size and weight.
Great for Canon R5C. Great for Canon R5C.
Update: K&F Concept replaced the battery with very little effort. So this is nonsense. The battery itself works great and powers my FX3+ Atomos monitor all day. It is great! Bought the battery in April. It's June so not even a full 3 months and today during a shoot the battery died and all that happens is the K&F Concept logo appears when I plug it in. I literally have no idea what went wrong. Only powered one FX3 and one Ninja Atomos. The battery was 100% charged and now it's just a brick. Maybe K&F Concept sees that. I've already emailed customer service.
K&F Concept has the best customer service! After writing a bad review on this product which had some issues, they were kind enough to reach out to me and help me solve my problem! old review: NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT. I have this battery along with the K&F Concept Vmount battery plate. When I connect the V99 battery to any Vmount. I noticed that I can move it apart/down. ATTENTION, the Vmount is not safe, I already dropped the battery because I put my rig on my chest. So I included an extra plate that comes with the K&F Concept Vmount plate and seems secure but is only held in place with a 1/4"-20 screw. These are both products from K&F Concept. I don't understand why I need to install a second disk to make it work. With an item this expensive and all the publicity they put on the two, you'd think they'd be compatible. I'm just waiting for the reply from K&F Concept so I can update it.
While it's pricey, it's a lot smaller than most of your regular vmounts and offers MUCH MUCH more features like easy and fast USBC charging, dtap to the battery itself, and then some. It holds the battery very well and delivers power perfectly. I haven't had any problems with it, but have only used it to power my camera. I'm planning on trying to power a lamp while powering my camera and monitor at the same time. You can get it cheaper, but I don't recommend skipping no-name brands. So you don't have to decide on these, but if you're interested and they're on sale I would 10,000% buy them again.
I have the 99W and it is exceptionally well built. It powers my Canon R5 C and Atomos Ninja V and shoots at 4K and 60fps in ProRes 422 HQ without a hitch for an hour and a half and I still had 46% left.
I've been using this battery for a while and I love it. I had the problem that it seemed to overheat and wouldn't turn back on even when I put it on the charger. I contacted Smallrig and they responded immediately and ended up sending me a new one straight away. Great product and great customer service.
am a dedicated user of K&F Concept products for my video production company and recently had the opportunity to experience their exceptional customer service first hand. When using the K&F Concept VB99 battery, there was an issue where one battery stopped holding charge and the other charged slowly. As a professional who relies on reliable equipment, this has been an issue for my workflow. However, I contacted K&F Concept customer service (Alex was a great help) and was pleasantly surprised by the quick and efficient response. They recognized my problem and promptly provided me with two brand new batteries to replace overnight. This level of support and commitment to their customers is truly commendable. Despite this isolated case, I have to emphasize that I am still a big fan of K&F Concept and its products. Their extensive range of camera accessories has become a staple of my professional setup. In terms of build quality, design and functionality, K&F Concept consistently delivers outstanding performance. It's important to note that every product has occasional issues, but the way the company handles them sets them apart. K&F Concept's commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to do whatever it takes to support small businesses like mine has earned me my unwavering loyalty. I have complete confidence in K&F Concept and its commitment to manufacturing quality products. The K&F Concept VB99 battery remains a valuable addition to my gear collection despite the issues I have faced. I appreciate their exceptional customer service, which reinforces my decision to support K&F Concept in the future. Overall, I highly recommend the K&F Concept to professionals and enthusiasts who need reliable camera accessories. With their world class customer service and wide range of exceptional products, K&F Concept has proven to be a reliable partner for my video production needs.